St Olaf College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People looking for the "big campus" experience may feel out of place. St. Olaf is an intimate campus, and thrives on small classes of self-motivated individuals. Students interested in meeting a great many new people, or living in a high-energy city setting might feel let down. Look for potential fields of study carefully and see if your interests match up. Try to get to know the faculty in that area--and don't fear the double major! There is a definite focus on music programs, but rigorous academics are the name of the game all around.


A person who is looking to get an easy 4.0 GPA should not go to St. Olaf College because they will not be able to acheive that without putting in a lot of time and hard work. The professors challenge students to think deeply and critically so the students should be interested in learning. THe student should also be someone who wants to create lasting friendships and a strong sense of community. St. Olaf students support each other and don't see each other a competition. Everyone works together to learn as much as possible.


People who are not interested in working hard shouldn't attend St Olaf. Classes are challenging, but the reward is undeniable.


Slackers, people who think global warming is ridiculous, and people looking for lots of excitement off campus. It's an hour into the Twin Cities, and Northfield definitely won't compete with the U of M for parties on a weekend. People looking for that really wouldn't be happy here.


People who want a "big city" experience and a fast-paced social life should not attend this school. It is a nice, close-knit campus but you have to work really hard to get in to the city on the weekends if you're looking for a city-based night life.


If you are Lutheren or have Scandinavian roots, St. Olaf will make you feel at home. If you want to sing in a really good choir or play in a really good band and orchestra, St. Olaf will give you the chance to excell. If you are interested in environmentalism St. Olaf is helping to lead the way. If you want to travel, you most likely will. If you don't like being held to general requirements and want to build blaze your own trail, look somewhere else. And if you can't stand a Christian religion class, too bad.


city kids, those who want lots of diversity


Anyone who thinks college is not for learning. There is not much big school partying going on, so I would not recommend it to party-ers.


One who is not willing to work hard.