St Petersburg College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Many cultures, ages and intellects.


Most students come to class, do what the have to do and leave.


My classmates are good team players.


My classmates are very eger to learn and very willing to help. They want to see everyone succed in there course of study.


We ask many questions about the material; some people may not understand what's being said and most of us aren't afraid to speak our minds.


I one sentence, I can describe my classmates as diverse with vast knowledge that one should feel privileged to be able to utilize in every day life.


My classmates at St. Petersburg College are focused, attentive, and serious about their education.


Majority of my classmates are young adults either just out of highschool or the military and occasionally I will have elder persons or parents finishing up required classes for a desired degree.


Easy going, but focused on learning


They consist of mostly young, first time students who are not ready to take on the challenge of college level studies.


My classmates in college are very different from those in high school, even though some of them are the same people I knew from high school! In college, the little social bubble where all that matters is looking good and partying the hardest is busted. There isn't a popularity contest anymore. Young kids are thrown together in the same class with middle-aged people, and everyone is united by one desire-to learn and obtain the knowledge to gain a degree, and therefore a career.

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