St Petersburg College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing is sometime they don't have the classes you need during that semester which can hamper graduating. The teahcers tend to teach by the book for the most part.


When it rains we get wet and the renovation/constuction is taking away parking spaces.


Not enough clean, quiet study areas.


St. Petersburg College is at this point is still trasitioning into a 4-year college. So there is more of a community college feel to it. A lot of the students do not seem to take the college or their education seriously. The professors, for the most part, overlook this though and are pretty great. It's a good college for networking and meeting people with real-world experiences and connections.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of a campus life. Most students just go to class and immediatley go home. There is no real sports teams and clubs that one can attend.


One of the greatest challenges faced at my school is as a mature, returning student, there?s an age gap in the classroom. This gap presents many challenges, including the maturity of the students and ones individual desire to focus on the required skills to achieve academic goals. I have found that returning students have a greater desire to academically perform to a higher standard. I believe that returning students have grasped the understanding of how import it is to further our education along with having learned to prioritize what is important. Ultimately, schedule appropriately to archive ones desired success.


There really isn't much I don't like about my school.


St. Petersburg College lacks commuting options; access to local buses, trains and other forms of transportation is limited or, in some areas, unavailable.


I think nothing bad of my school, but i think the worst thing is that most grants and scholarships are for colleges that have small programs that are over with in a couple months instead of classes that lead up to an AA or BA in what you choose to have a career in.


The programs on campus are not geared toward the younger student body. Because it is a community college, the majority of the students are older and the involvement with the programs amongst the younger generation is very little. The campus is not geared for much involvement besides the basic academic purpose.


The worst thing about Saint Petersburg College- Gibbs Campus is probably that the parking lot around 9:30 am is a crazy place to be. Most students take classes around that time, so it's quite difficult finding a close parking spot, or just a spot all together.


The worst thing about Santa Fe College is the wait that people who are in need of financial assistance have to bear in the financial aid office. It's not even so much as the wait that is bothersome, but the fact that everyone knows before going into the office that there will not only be a long wait, but you'll be treated unfairly. If I surveyed 10 people in the office, they would agree that the counselors are rude, unhelpful, and incompetent. If were were treated like students and not like animals, Santa Fe College would be better.


The worst thng about my school would be the office. They do not supply you with you any information whether it's important to the students or not. You have to wait for hours to get this information and during that time you probably have seen five different peopl who work in the office.


Not to sound cliche, which means I'm going to, there is not one bad thing about Saint Petersburg College. I love everything about it. The atmosphere is phenominal and the students and professors are what make it that way. Everyone is polite and respectful to everyone else, and the school even hosts social gatherings for the holidays. It really gets everyone involved. I'm going to be sad when I leave after I'm done with the Early College Program.


The expensive books you pay for and how little you get back when you sell them back.


Distance from me


The worst thing about attending St. Petersburg College is the drive.


The worst thing about my school is that being at a community college, there are no dorms, so you don't get the same socializing advantage that living on campus has. Although the people at school are all very friendly, but since most people are only on campus during their limited time of their classes you don't get as much of an opportunity to socialize and make as many close friendships.

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