St Petersburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person who should attend SPC is someone who is serious about completing their degree, but also has a home and family life that come first.


Someone looking for a higher education.


This school is great for any person. The schedules are flexible and the teachers are accepting to all students.


If St. Petersburg College offers your anticipated 4-year major, it's supposed to be great. I however am attending to get my Associates degree and then I am transferring to another university to complete my Bachelor's because SPC does not offer it. I know a lot of students who are here doing the same thing. It's a good school for getting your AA and moving on, but unfortunately that contributes to a junior college atmosphere.


A person that struggled a bit through high school. Someone who could not get a scholarship and wants to keep their costs low and be able to transfer to another college afterwards.


Anyone should attend this school. In today's economic times, education is the key, more and more people are losing their jobs, and attending this college would better help those to achieve the jobs and or goals they want for theirselfs and families. Learning a skill at this college would greatly improve your chances of getting a job that can bring an everlasting chance for you and your family to grow in the community as well as the business world.


A person who is self-motivated and determained to make something out of their eduacational life should attend this school because foolish people and those that do not care won't last.


Someone who wants to complete a 2 year degree for less and get an education that is just as good as a 4 year.


A person who is willing to give their all to achieve academic best. A person who not only meets minimal expectations, but also goes above and beyond. Basically, a person who doesn't mind work.

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