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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Thinking back to my highschool experiences last year, I would go back and tell myself not to worry so much about what everyone thought, but just to be myself. Everyone always told me how college would be such a dramatic change, but I never believed them. I figured the same kind of people would always be around the rest of my academic life, but I know now how wrong I was. I would've told myself to still work hard in my classes, but to have more fun and find joy in each day. It doesn't matter now what anyone thinks of me. I am who I am and for the most part people like that. I just wish I would've known then what I know now and accessed this "not caring what others think" personality sooner.


Please study and do your homework. Pay attention in class. Ask alot of questions and get advice from teachers and counselors with regards to colleges and universities. Have yourself tested to find your interests. Stay focused and think about the rewards from a college education. Be responsible and save your money earned from your part time job to be able to afford the applications. Do not let your family convince you that it is a waste of time and money going to college.


I would keep telling myself to keep my grades up and do very well because when I get to the college life it will only get harder and temptations will surely increase among my peers. Also to take advantage of education .


If I could go back in time, I would give the advice to do well in high school because it really does affect your college career. Next, I would explain how beneficial it would be to enroll in dual-enrollment classes, in order to gain college credits and save money. After that, I would mention applying for scholarships early. Finally, I would advise myself to take Math classes early on, so it will be easier on me, academically.


I would advise my younger self not to go to college and waste time. Instead, I would advise any young person to go into the Navy for four years to gain perspective on life, see the world and get paid doing it, and then go back to college with government backed funds and the GI Bill assisting them. A successfull college student needs focus and a short stint in the military can help a young person find that and discover their purpose at the same time.


To immerse myself more completely in the process of choosing a school and seeking financial aid. I took a shortcut; the easy way out and attended a university that was too easy and didn't get involved in any groups or activities and and became a professional procrastinator because I thought I could skate through like I had in high school. Instead I would tell myself to take it seriously, budget my time, get involved in study groups and extracurricular activities and apply myself completely to the experience. Also, I would make myself stick with a spending budget! In college, money is hard to come by and it's easy to get carried away without having your family there to remind you that you don't really need an eight dollar coffee! Thats the advice I would give myself... to apply myself and to learn to budget my time and money effectively.


I would advise myself to do duel enrollment my senior year to get a head start on obtaining my degree. Saving money is a high priority in college, and with duel enrollment I wouldn't have to pay for anything-even books. I would also advise myself not to care so much about what outfit I wear to school the next day. As soon as I got to college I began rolling out of bed and going to class in pajamas with little to no makeup. No one is judging you in college because they are mature and have busy lives to attend to outside of school, so they hardly notice what their classmates look like. The high school bubble is broken, and you can see how silly it was to care so much, and how there is much more to life than being socially accepted by people we think are more popular than us.


I would have taken more college level classes in my senior year of high school.


I would have taken more college level classes as a senior in high school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to prepare more ways to study. In college, a student is faced with multiple classes, multiple tests and multiple different ways to approach each test. Each professor has a different way of making each test so students have to adapt their studying habits for each test. Had I known this before, I would have entered college with a better knowledge of study tools and tricks, and done better the first test.

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