St Petersburg College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Small class sizes: the instructor is avaliable during their office hours to provide insight to any questions a student may have. The Learning Support Commons is another good alternative if the teacher is unavaliable that have both teachers and students to help in any way they can. The clubs (that vary on each campus) is a great way to meet new people and create new friendships.


I can attend via online access only.


The best thing about my school is the ability to take online courses. Online courses allow me to work at my own pace and keep my day job.


The best thing about St. Petersburg College is the professors. I have found that majority will take any extra time to help you. Also the school has a great math tutor lab, that helps students all the way through Math to Calculus.


The best thing about this school is the envirment. There are so many great places to go to do my homework , get help, or just relax around. For example, in between all the bulidings there is area in the middle of the buildings where is only filled with grass, benches, and trees.


I like that students can take online courses because I have to work full-time in order to pay for school. The online classes work around my schedule easily.


The best thing about my school is the ease of enrollment, the eagerness of the staff, professors and even students to help and assist those who are having a difficult time in getting the education they so deserve or want. They are willing to take the extra time for you, the student, to help you better understand what you might be lacking or missing in an assignment. The instructors are awesome.


I believe the best thing about St. Petersburg College is that they have small class sizes so you get a personal experience and a great learning environment where it is easy to learn and get one-on-one attention so you fully understand what you are trying to learn.


The best thing about my school is the smaller class sizes and the individual attention given from professors. The professors are willing to work with your schedule and give you extra help if you are in need. Since the student body is predominantly older, the professors understand that life sometimes gets in the way and things happen. They are willing to cut you a break in certain circumstances, so you can pass the class and graduate.


The best thing about my school is either the fact that many of my friends also go there so I'm not alone or the fact that the school isn't far from my parents. The school i want to transfer to is 4 hours away and only a few people i know go to it but at SPC that's not the case and it is also something i appreciate.


I love the small class sizes. With less people in the class, I can interact with my teacher much easier. My teacher's office hours are not used up as much as if I were at a University because there are not as many students taking up that time. Teachers also have more time to respond to e-mails which is very important when the college has a strong teaching element in technology through a computer system called Angel. Even with asking questions in class, with less adults in class, the teacher has more time to devote to answering questions.


I think that the professors really care about their students and also that it is affordable.


that it is close to home and low tuition costs to that i am able to afford to go to school


The best thing about my school is the flexibility of scheduling they allow returning students to enjoy who may not have been in college for many years.


The small classrooms make it easier to talk to the teachers and get the questions I have answered.

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