St Philip’s College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Community college is not a bad decision, in fact it might be one of the best decisions you can make in order to achieve your dream of being a chef. College is different than high school and you need to learn to manage your time and always make time for studying. Be organized and keep a planner with you as it will always come in handy. Lastly, while you are still in high school take all of the advantages you can in scholarships because you will not be able to receive the financial aid you need to attend college.


Take as many college classes as you can. Think ahead. Do not procrastinate. Try hard to get ahead in your studies. This will make a major difference in your college years. Set your goals and plan your future. All this will determine your success in your life. Yes you will cross rocky roads but it will all be worth it. And whatever you do. Do not get discouraged. Even the most successful people CEO, COO ect.... they were C average students.


If i could go back and talk to myself as a senior there would be a lot i would say. First I would tell myself not to get lazy because it is my senior year. I am getting ready to transfer to a university and had I worked harder on getting scholarships and staying focused I would not have to be worried about having enough money to go to this university. Second I would tell myself that my education is important. In order to have a good job and a steady income I need more than a associates degree. I have goals to get my PHD in psychology. Third and final thing i would tell myself is stay focused on the task at hand. Do not worry about your friends and where they are going to school because your goals are different from theres. I am greatful for St. Philips is helped me to find myslef and stay focused on my goals and what I want in life.


First and foremost i would tell myself to go to college straight out of High School, and to stick with basketball my senior year instead of becoming a slacker. those are my two biggest regrets about my time after high school. I really wish i had kept with basketball because i know i could have gotten a scholarship to play for a small school and that would have been just fine. And finally i would tell myself to go to college straight out of High School because i think i would have enjoyed it more when i was younger, and i would not be sitting here tryning to find money to help pay for culinary school. Instead i would have already graduated with a bachloers in Criminal Justice like was my original plan.


If I could go back in time to when I was a high school senior, I would first tell myself to definitely take a year off before you start college. I ended up wasting 5 years because I didn?t know what I wanted to do with my life and I also didn?t even have the want to be in college. Which leads me to my next piece of advice, money is not everything. Working a mediocre job instead of finishing school will not be worth it in the long run. You unfortunately will not be happy with that job and will want something bigger and better for yourself. A career that actually interests you and keeps you motivated to learn new things. You end up having an awesome baby girl who you will need to take care of so get things situated first. You don?t need to struggle with a full time job, full time school and her. She?s too great to lose time with. Overall, just believe in yourself and your abilities to do what you want to do. Everything else will work itself out.


If I could go back in time, I would first tell myself over and over that staying in school is not only the best option to being successful but the right thing to do. I regret not finishing college and earning that degree when I had the chance. Trying to go to school now is a lot harder than I imagined. The books and tution are so expensive. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to be a leader and do what only others couldn't imagine. Live life like it should be don't sweat the small stuff and be happy. I didn't take life seriously. I didn't think life could be so hard to live life without an education. I would tell myself that having that degree (education) could not be taken away from you and shouldn't be taken for granted. I would also tell myself be strong, be healthy and most of all believe in yourself even when others didn't. Be the leader and if you want to follow, follow those who are leading you in the right direction, the direction to success.


The advice to do the work and graducate in high school. I need to go college for my major what i really good at. I love art of drawing, painting and scuplate. I love it. And I love college. College helps me to get my major and everything that i need for the semesters.


I would have told myself to find real true friends. I would have also told myself to stay focused and not to worry about what is going on around me. Another word of advice would have been to stay in church which was very important to me. Being in a relationship should not have been a priority either, because getting ready for college is a process that should not be interrupted but if it happens you need to just keep on going no matter what happens. The reward for continuing your education is a great job and no need to worry about money in the future!


First find a job that will not conflict with your higher education endeavors, working is very important as is completing your college education goals, as you gain experience with the job you will be able to apply that experinece with ethics as a student and a full time employee.


The answer to this question runs through my mind almost everyday. When I was a high school senior I was not even thinking about going to college. My father and mother were not educating on all of the financial help there was to go to college and he could not afford to pay for it on his own. That being said the advice I would have told myself before I got out of high school is to search every possible resource for financial aid. I would also advise to make sure you are dedicated and motivated to your studies. Best thing would be to be organized and prioritize all things needed. Learn test-taking skills when needed and study hard. Visit all the college campuses that you have in mind and choose the one that suits you. One important thing to remember is not to limit yourself to what you think you can and can not do. Shoot for the stars and you will get there. I never thought that I could be a dentist, but I am now finishing my undergrad so that I can apply for dental school.


I would tell myself to be more determined. Knowledge is power was one of the famous quotes I always heard through my most of my high school years. I would have told myself to take that quote more serious and not just think it was a cliche. The time I was at parties could have been time I was looking for scholarships and reading more into what to expect for the college life. I should have applied myself more towards my goals for college. I think if I was able to go back in a time machine and tell myself all this information I think I would have already been finished with college by now and would have already have a career. Instead I just have a job still going to college. Thats why its really important that high school students now a days need to to know the importance of a college education and how far it can get them in life. If not, then they will probley be in my situation now and writing how they could go back in time and change what they thought about college during their senior year.


I would tell my self not to get to worked up about starting college the teachers in high school make it seem harder then how college really is. I would also say to stay focused and don't go off course mid-semester.


If I had the chance to go back to high school and give myself advice, I would tell myself to go with my instincts. Back in high school, I listened to everyone telling me what to do, where to go, so on and so forth. I applied for all types of colleges and financially, I was unable to commit. My first instincts were to go to a community college to save money and receive credits that will be transferrable. After I was unable to actually pay for the four-year college, I ended up going to a community college anyway! So I would tell myself, to stop wanting to please everyone and do what my heart leads me to do.


I would first relate myself as to be heard. I would then explain how confidence is a great thing to have, but you can't live on confidence alone. I would explain how meaningful 4 to 6 years of education would completely change the landscape of my life. Going back to school at 45 is helpful, but it's only because I have to change my landscape to survive. I would explain how at 18 yrs old I have a choice to be educated. The education will offer me choices in what workforce I would enter, and at what pay I could make. This would give me choices as to what lifestyle I want to have. What type of home, relationship, car, vacations I can have. I would explain that with an education is where choices start. Without choices only survive. With choices I can really live up to my potential. Education has to be the first adult decision, and choice to be made to continue to prosper, and create the landscape that will be my life.