St. Thomas Aquinas College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


My school is very student oriented; the classrooms do not usually hold more than 32 students which allows for the opportunity to have good student/ teacher relationships. The teachers know each student individually, which is very efficient in the learning environment because students feel motivated to do well not only for themselves but also for gratification from their instructors. My school has fantastic learning environments and I would not change anything about the way my college courses are administered.


I believe St. Thomas is an excellent school because not only is it a highly reputable school, its perfect becuase it is small at very welcoming. I have discovered many ways to enhance my intelect aand St. Thomas has helped me do so.


I usually tell people about the high quality of the education department at my school in that they have a great reputation for turning out qualified teachers in our area.


What I brag about the most when talking about my school is the amazing campus! I love it's openess and free spirit. Unlike most colleges, which have dormitorys in "boring" buildings, STAC dorms are like little town houses which allow students to meet new people outside of their classes and their "dorm floors". The quad is in the center of the girls dorm which includes a volleyball net that makes resident life more entertaining during warm weather. The spaciousness of the outside makes you feel free and welcomed to be yourself with little to no boundaries.


The small class sizes, the absolutely free tutoring center, guaranteed housing all four years, pretty great dorms, great teacher education program, close proximity to Palisades Center, close to New York City, great neighborhood, safe area.