St. Thomas Aquinas College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I feel very fortunate to have found this school. I have a lot of positive feedback for STAC, but I'll start with some negative to get it over with. I feel that the school's status regarding whether or not it is religiously affiliated is very unclear, and this has caused issues recently. It does appear that there is some homophobic attitude within the school's board, and students/faculty/alumni have very recently taken a stand against this, recognizing that it isn't right. Another negative aspect of this college is that there are RA checks every night, sometimes at very disrespectful hours. This is inconvenient when I have early classes the next morning. The orientations every semester are incredibly unnecessary and I feel like I'm being treated like an unintelligent middle schooler when I attend them. "Don't rape, don't drink illegally, be nice to others." We've all heard it before, and hearing it again will not stop those who disagree from doing it. These required assemblies are more than aggravating. That's about all I have to say about the school in negative light. STAC has given me the time of my life over the past three years and I am devastated that I only have one remaining. I even decided not to graduate a semester early, picking up a minor so that I may stay longer. The teachers are awesome. There have been a few that I have disliked, but most of them are friendly, approachable, and knowledgable. I feel comfortable asking any questions and I enjoy spending time with them outside of class. Seeing them in the halls always puts a smile on my face and I'll miss them terribly when I leave. They've shown dedication and patience over and over again. My classes have, for the most part, been perfect as far as difficulty. They are challenging at times, but if you keep up with your work, it's fine. If you choose not to study or read the required materials, don't go bashing the school's reputation because of your laziness. There is always something to do at the school. There are constantly events being held with prizes and activities and there are so many clubs that I can't attend all of them-- it's just not possible. You'd have to be in two places at once. It's unfortunate that the club fairs do not receive much interest from many students because there are so many opportunities to have fun with friends at this school and people don't seem to know about them. I have made so many friends from joining the drama club as well as many others. If you're looking, there's always an event to go to. I won free text books last semester from attending BINGO, which is held almost every week. It may seem dorky, but one person in my group always walks out with free tshirts or shot glasses or lanyards-- it's exciting. If you want to drink illegally at a party on campus, it'll be difficult not to get caught, though I wouldn't say that's a major turnoff, since I'd prefer a school that makes me feel safe by enforcing *NYS/US law* as opposed to one that doesn't bother. If you want to drink with friends in a dorm room, you can do so easily without getting caught. It's not that big a deal... just don't be stupid. The school has many international students and I've met people from Africa, Asia, and Europe. The experience has been incredible and the small class sizes have gotten me close to so many people. I was bullied in high school, but I haven't once felt insecure at STAC. Overall, it's a friendly, fun, and exciting place to be.