St Thomas University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Since we are a new class this year we are all very freindly and eager to help one another. This school encourages long enduring freindships.


There is a huge diversity of studemts from all over the world. They all were raised with different backgrounds and its interesting to see the way they do things, especially studying habits. In all the students are nice and very approchable.


Classmates are often involved with class discussion and are often cooperative.


Classmates are diverse and respected individuals.


Students here are eager, determined and optimistic.


Some of my classmates are just too comfortable with a C and a low GPA average not realizing that out there, is the real world competition exist. But there are others that are very smart and talented in their field.


The student body of St. Thomas Univeristy is a group of very intelligent, willingness to learn set of students that strive for the best.