St Thomas University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What i dislike about the school is the fact that its religious. Am athiest so it bothers me. Thats the only bad thing about the school i personally dislike.


Perhaps the worst thing about my school, or schools in general, is the evergrowing expense of tuition. The problem is not related to the quality of the scholarly experience ; surely, a good education is invaluable. However, the ability of students and/or their families to pay for it is rapidly diminishing. In the face of our shrinking economy, with its job-losses, dead property values, and the everpresent disproportion of wealth in the world, it is getting more and more difficult for those seeking academic achievement and career promotion to afford the price of an education.


GOSSIP!! and the fact that they are still building the gym


i consider the worst thing at saint thomas university to be the school spitit, and the appearance, and the environment around the school. I feel like Iam surrounded by a bunch of trees.


rumors tend to float around easily.


the non english speaking teachers


The campus activities, school spirit and the University not allowing fraternities and soronities on campus.