St Thomas University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Campus life can be dull at time, theres not much activites that go on but it is easier when you have a car or if you know people who are computers who know the area. The food isnt the best but its managable.


Non Goal oriented students and students that can only provide the school with sports only and not academic well.


Someone who shouldn't attend this school would be a person who prefers a big campus, not friendly, or cant get along with people of different racial backgrounds and beliefs. A person who isn't able to take their education serious and waste their parents money just because they are wealthy, because are many who wisht they could attend college but can't due to financial issues.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the one who does not wish to learn about multicultural and ethnic diversity; a person with no desire to explore and/or challenge his or her spiritual beliefs should stay away. The kind of person who does not believe in striving, learning, and working intently at gaining an education should not attend this school. Further, the person who picks the prestige of a large 'name' university over a small, close-knit network of scholars, educators, and clergy, and who hates volunteerism in his/her own community shouldn't apply.