St Thomas University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?




I would definitely advised myself to look for a school that matched my personality and that met my needs. Since I am a person that enjoys small classe, personal attention, and that human touch which would support my leaning experience and that encouraged close knit freindships. Also, I would advise to make my educaitonal experience complete I would remind myself of how important it is for me to have the support of the faculty. St Thomas checks all those boxes. It is easier to study and to communicate and support each other with smaller class size, something St. Thomas University is known for. And even when going gets tough, to have a school that offers and wellness center for releaving those stressful times and counseling is a blessing.


College is not all that I expected and what others told me of it to be in high school. There arent crazy parties on the weekends or crazy roommates but sometimes lonely nights and feeling home sick. Unlike in High School where teachers didnt care, here they actually want you to succeed and become a better person. In my first semester I was had the mentality that I didnt have to go to all my classes like I did in High School so I learned the consequence when seen my GPA. The advice I'd give to my High School self is stay stay focused in my classes and not get pressured into doing other non-important things because I want to feel "cool" because "cool" doesnt get you into you r dream college. Also, to cherish my family and the support they have all given through my journey in hgih school up to college. But also to have enjoyed this last year in High School because once college comes its all about studying and preparing for the future so take it easy but never lose focus on whats important.


I've learned that you have to do things for yourself. Not only did this apply in the school senery but also back at home. I had to grow up and do things for myself. In turn, i learned that i was capable of being a good student so long as i put forth maximum effort. Also the fact that the school is so small so the student teacher ratio is 14:1 makes its all the more better so you can establish a relationship with your professor making it that much easier to understand the curriculum if things tend to get hectic.


The experience i've obtained so far is incredible. Theres help for any matter or problem you can have. They care for your safety and personally love to show you student to teacher the material when having difficulty to understand it. I've gotten to be more responsible. Know exactly what i want in life. And also how am going to obtain it. Made me realize that the major am interested in is the one for me. I've never been so well instructed as they do at this school. People, staff and faculty are friendly and thats one of the best thing this university has to offer.


I have not only achieved a Bachelor's degree but also an education that will last a lifetime. I received such detailed attention from all of my professors that it has proved invaluable. I learned how to solve problems and think critically. I was able to study abroad in places such as Haiti and Tennessee. Experiences that not only enhance learning but impact lives forever is one of St. Thomas University's goal. They also pride themselves on "developing leaders for life". Learning how to confront situations on a deeper philosophical level has given me the confidence to further my education by commencing a Master's degree. I feel as an equal amongst my peers and am certain my education is as strong as theirs. I am proud of having attended St. Thomas University and have gladly recommended it to others. I am certain I am a leader for life.


all my life i have been told that im going to work from pay check to pay check... i havent had a father in my life i was rased by my mother, there was three kids in our home so there really wasnt any one on one time for school... i droped out when i was 16 and have worked a full time job ever seanse.. i am going to a community callege know, i was on the honer roll last quarter.. but im finding it harder and harder to pay for school.. i hope that i will be the first person to go to callege and get my dagree. thank you for your time... Michael Carson


I thank god for letting me have such an amazing expierience to attend college. Eventhough i have more years to go and learn but its been an extrodinary expierience. Going to Saint Thomas is a dream for many nursing students, because after were juniors we get an automatically acceptance to University of Miami. University of Miami is one of the best medical school in the nation. I've learned how to vary my time. How to study for my classes, go to work, and have fun with my friends. I've also learned how to be responsible. Professors aren't reminding you to do your assignments, or if you live on campus whos going to clean your room or do laundry for you, no one. Your on your own. College is an amazing oppurtunity for those who are ready for the challenge.


I would have to stop myself in the hall and tell myself, "Self, college, the thing people refer to as post-secondary education, is waiting for you. I'm telling you now that you must make the most of every moment. When you find yourself with nothing to do and more free time than you know what to do with, use it to study. And when you've studied to your heart's content, step outside your dorm and make a friend. Create relationships with others so that you never have time to feel "alone". Attend as many lectures as you can, as they can only make you smarter and don't just join clubs, create them too. But don't ever forget how you got to college, how you graduated high school, or how you started preschool so you could go to elementary school and eventually middleschool. Be sure to call your mom when you're away and tell her that you love her with your big heart and that you've sent an air-kiss same day mail, that it should arrive in the evening. She would love this as she loves you. Start something big."


SELF: DO NOT make a decision based on others experiences, go out and experience your own. Only because 50% of your peers and classmates all agree on the University of Florida being the best University in Florida, doesn?t quite mean you will. Common mistakes such as SCHOLARSHIPS are made by most us, therefore avoid any. What one should do is instead of going scholarship crazy look into the universities in which you are interested in and see what they offer in terms of $$$.Scholarships that pertain to your major, should be strictly looked into. Talk to current students in the university?s you liked, as well as professors who teach some of the courses in which pertain to ones major, and even the undergraduates who are currently taking the courses. Make sure you have a plan, if you?re lost during you?re transition from high school to college, you will still be lost once you get there. And please do not freak out if first College grade exams aren?t all that joyful, it happens to almost all of us!


To be prepared for whatever come your way,and to stay focused on your education.


Dear Cameron Philip of 2007, College is a very independent learning environment that allows you to discover yourself and focus on your future goals in life. Remember in your senior year there was always someone behind you making sure your work was completed, made it to class on time, and assisted you with any matter, well college is significantly different. College is an exciting place where you experience a vast majority of life lessons, people of different backgrounds, and cultures. Cameron, as a college student you?re an independent student trying to be successful in life through a higher learning program. There are many unplanned obstacles that come about when you least expect them, but the best way to handle such situations is with patience, faith, and self-control. Academic dishonesty is not like what it was in high school. There are major consequences for plagiarism and cheating, which can affect you in the present and in the future. In conclusion, the last words of advice would be to stay focused, determined to succeed, be thankful for your blessings, and never forget those who helped paved the road for your success.


Get a job and save as much money as you can for your education. Hone your studying skills and apply for scholarships and grants. Do as much as you can, as quickly as you can, to get through school, and apply yourself to research. Learn the art of grant-writing! Try to enjoy your senior year, but avoid spending money on frivolity, and keep your goals in sight.


Study Hard because it pays off at the end.


Hey buddy. Stop goofing around. Pay attention. You need to buckle down and pay attention to your studies. Start thinking about what you like and don't like. Don't panic. You don't need to decide right this minute what you want to do with the rest of your life. But do get ready to go to college. You don't need to decide on a major the minute your start college. Take different classes. You'll know whether you're interested in particular field or not. Continue with school after graduation. Do not take time off. Yes, you're making a few bucks now at that job you have. That's OK for now. But as you get older, it won't be enough to sustain yourself. Don't be fooled. You're not living in the real world yet. You're not paying rent, groceries, car insurance, light bill, phone bill, cable, bill, car reparis. etc. You need to think of these things. You won't be living with Mom forever.


Take the time to explore all public universities. The costs are less, and the education received is based upon a national standard. Private colleges are misleading, although promises can be made of a higher education standard, this is not always true. Public institutions also provide more exposure to activities centered around the student at all times, with limitless possibilities.


pick a place that you fell confordable, and that has good vibe


I would recommend a school where students take their work seriously. I would recommend a school with a student life because one must take at least an hour break from school and relax to clear the mind. I would recommend a school where people compete so that when one graduates, it is easier to deal with the real world.


In my opinion, as a person who has attended three different colleges in 5 years, in three different states, i would tell parents, and/or students to look for a college were learning is priority, and the school is strong academically as well as it should have a fun environment for students to interact and make their college years a lifetime experience. College should not be just going to school, but learning the material, having fun doing it, making friends in the process, and being proud of your school colors.


There is no such thing as a right college because colleges all do the same they allow you to learn.


There is no reason t not study or not finish a paper. there are ways to balance a social life with an acedemic life. all you need to do is stay focused and make little goals that lead to ultimate ones.


Make sure you what you want before you embark on journey college.


First finiancial aid is critical. Second go to the campus before accepting to attend because all the pretty pictures online and sometimes be very different in person and third when you go visit talk to students who are not part of anything clubs or campus acitivities to really get the details of how the school reallly is like.


The advice I can give to parents is to before anything, step ground on campus before you send your kids to a school you may know nothing about. I promise that once you spend one day on any campus everything else will fit in if it is the right school for you. No one says that you have to go into school knowing exactly what you want but it is a good idea to have a bit of choices so that your pocket will not end up suffering and you spend less time wasted and more knowledge gained.