St Thomas University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing i recommend about this school is the fact that its an open diverse university. It has smal ratio of students in class. Teachers and staff are really friendly. Its a religious school but religion is not forced on you. We have open free space to study and also areas where you can easily relax near a pond or lake to watch little turtles or fishes. We have almost every sport talked about. High security for your safety and protection.


The best thing i consider about Saint Thomas University is, that the classes are really small. Students get one on one with professor's. Saint Thomas also offer students who are majoring in a science major. The University has this program named the Fellows. And this program offers Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry majors a full scholarships paying there tuition and there books. Life on campus is thrilling. Theres always game night, parties every other month, and when is time to study for finals we have study time till 3am with midnight breakfast. For those who like sports were competive school.