Stanford University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Stanford is best known for having the most talented and the brightest students who accomplish great things before, during and after their time at Stanford.


I think Stanford is best known for being a school that is well-balanced. We have very bright students but we also have the best collegiate sports program in the nation. Additionally, our balance between the liberal arts and tech/engineering fields is good- allowing for top degrees in nearly whatvever field you're in. Students who go here are focused but they also want to have some fun. There's something about being in California that makes this school feel more chill/laid back than the other top tier colleges.


Stanford's best known for its engineering, law, and medical fields of study. Many, if not most, of the professors in those fields are busy and active researchers who regularly recruit students to their labs and studies, and, I've heard, many are required to continually produce academic papers on their research to preserve their positions.


Stanford is known for its incredible intellectual hunger, innovation, and power, its social vivacity and tolerance, and its athletic ability.


This school is best known for the great companies that were founded here and the prominent figures who attended.


It's world renowned as a research institution but the administration pays a lot more attention than expected to its undergraduates. We have world class researchers and professors teaching at our university while they break ground in their own fields. Some call us the 'Ivy of the West' but that implies that we're in the same league as the Ivy schools; many Stanford affiliated students and faculty think we're better.


Stanford is best known for being strong both athletically and academically. In my opinion, there is no better place to learn; I can't even count the number of times I've taken classes from world renown professors. And the athletics? Stanford has won the Sears Directors Cup for something like 15 straight years, meaning that it is the best Division I athletic program in the nation. Stanford is best known for having extremely well rounded, talented, and smart students who overflow with motivation.


Fantastic engineering and practical academics. Great and friendly environment.


It's probably known best as a "smart school," because that's what I get all the time from my friends at home that go to state universities.


great academics, good athletics, great weather, fun, liberal atmosphere


Stanford has been nationally recognized for its academic leadership.


Its best known for research, athletics and being the west coast equivalent of an ivy league school. Its also known for protesting and have crazy undergrads. You are supposed to be smart if you go here.


A combination of great academics, people, weather, and activities.


I feel like in the past, Stanford has been pretty well known for it's graduate schools of medicine and law but in recent years, the university has made a significant effort to focus more on undergraduates. I think that now, it's more well known for producing smart, well-rounded individuals who can successfully pursue any career they choose.