Stanford University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


1. The amazing food! I'm lucky to go to a school where I look forward to eating at a cafeteria filled with tasty and delicious options. 2. Beautiful weather. Sometimes I forget I'm at school and not on vacation 3. The people. Everyone I've met is so intelligent and kind. I love the collaborative and intellectual atmosphere.


I don't like bragging about Stanford because it's reputation preceedes itself. But everything from the faculty, staff, dorms, classes and diversity of the campus is great. Not to mention we are about 45 minutes from The City and we have some of the best weather year round.


The California weather is definitely worth bragging about to my friends in northeastern Pennsylvania, but the high caliber of students that surround me are truly incredible. I've met potential Olympic athletes, math prodigies, and novelists. I have yet to find someone that doesn't have at least one outstanding aspect to them. It is inspiring to be surrounded by the future leaders of the world.


I brag about my school having a beautiful campus that is so large that one needs a bicycle to get around it. I brag about the fact that we have some really good varsity sports teams that are made up of smart athletes who do well in school.


The quality of students who attend.


Our school beats your school in almost anything. We've won the NCAA Director's Cup Championship for 14 years running, we're ranked 3rd in the nation academically, and we have palm trees. Palm treeees.


Research opportunities, weather, professors


The laid back atmosphere is really conducive to fun and learning. There's a great vibe on campus that makes the challenging academics a bit easier.


The weather is amazing, the academics are awesome, people are so friendly, the campus is beautiful, and we have so much fun.




The resources and connections of Stanford are second to none. The university dominates in lots of new fields yet still has many links to government, various powerful industries, and contains some of the best professors in the world.


student traditions, weather, professors