Stanford University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Attending Stanford offers all that one can imagine both during and after college. You are surrounded by the best and brightest peers and professors and the aesthetics of the campus are gorgeous. Furthermore, Stanford has a tremendous reputation that is sure to set you ahead while you're applying to jobs and internships during college and once you graduate. In short, the opportunities presented by being a Stanford University student/alumni are invaluable and hands down the best thing about the school.


The best thing about my school is definitely the people. Everyone is helpful and polite and always eager to encourage us to experience new things on campus. The friends that I've made are fantastic, honest and generous. The faculty is beyond wonderful. I got the chance to meet and know a professor who changed my views on life. She encouraged me and pushed me outside of my limits, giving me the chance to see who I am and what I can become in the future. She is a great professor and a great friend.




The best thing about Stanford is the positive atmosphere. The campus is beautiful, the people are encouraging, and the vibe is incredible. Though the pace may be quick due to the quarter system, the classes and the school itself provides a positive challenge that keep the students motivated and on their toes. It is truly a wonderful place to be.


There are many great things about Stanford, as mentioned in some of my earlier responses. But in addition to the wonderful academics and friendly student body and faculty, it is a real plus to have such a beautiful campus and lovely weather. While these qualities are not the most important in a college career, they certainly enrich the experience.


Not many people can say they lead a laidback life when they are being graded on a curve against the smartest students in America. Stanford is unique in that the student that is attracted here is hard working and talented, yet at the same time sociable and relaxed. It?s not a place where you come to compete against others and try and get the best GPA. What matters most here is the ability to learn from experts in every field. Everyone knows how to work hard, but they also know the importance of unwinding and having a good time.


My school is academicaly one of the strongest in the Nation. In addition to the great academics, the people are warm and understanding. I plan to major in Human Biology and Stanford is known for their great research opportunities. I have learned so much in only one quarter at Stanford and look forward to a great education all four years. I plan to get involved in research, and plan to attend an over seas program at the Great Barrier Reef . Stanford offers a multiude of challenges and opportunities. I am priviledged to be a student here.


By far, the absolute best thing about Stanford is its fertile learning environment. The school, the staff, the students?everyone is so encouraging and supportive when it comes to learning. The school puts on interesting events and brings speakers to talk about relevant issues, the teachers are always available for extra help in a class and are never judgmental, and other students are almost always willing to help each other out. I was expecting a harsh, competitive environment when I arrived here. What I?ve been most pleasantly surprised by is the overall feeling of synergy on campus.


The best thing about this school were the resources; financial aid esources for students, quality classroom and research environments, abundance of research grants, large library, and contact with professors, career networking, and alumni. These resources help eliminate most of the problems students have in attending college, stimulating their academic curiosity, and developing a career.


I think the best thing about my school is the quantity and variety of extracurricular activities: clubs, service groups, sports, cultural activities, visual and performing arts opportunities, preprofessional societies, social organizations.