Stanford University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to Stanford University?


I chose Stanford because I felt like I was at home when I first stepped on its campus. With its great academic departments and gorgeous weather, Stanford was undoubtedly the right choice. The people there are amazingly friendly and welcoming. I had no problem making friends with students, including upperclassmen.


There is a small list of reasons that I wanted to go to this school. First of all this is one of the best schools in the Unites States. I would be darned if I regretted this opportunity. Secondly, Stanford is in California. I have grown up in Southern California for my entire live. There was no way that I would do to any place other than Cali for school. Lastly the financial aid at this school is one of the best I have encountered.


Honestly? The weather. Talk to other students on campus and you'll be surprised by how many chose Stanford because of architecture, sunny skies or a mixture of both. If we end up having a chatting session I'll explain why, if you're choosing between top schools, that's as good a deciding factor as any ;)


A student talks about his college decisions.


A student talks about why she chose Stanford and where she lives.


Another student discusses why he chose to attend Stanford.


A student talks about why he picked Stanford.