State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is great to get along with at this school, weather you are in class with them, or if you are just sitting around for your next class to start.


Every student was very helpful and encourage for the success in every student . No one person was for themselves. We succeeded as a whole.


The students at scf are very friendly and motivated (as I said once before). They have there eyes on the prize and who ever has that same desire they want to help ass well! These students love to help you out: if you feel discouraged they give you a boost of confidence! At SCF the students are a family and they want you to be victories at everyting you do1 I adore the students of SCF


Every one of my classmates are great. The ones I have met are great people and the ones I have yet to meet are the best as well. The reason I say they are all the best is becuase they are all bettering their lives through a desire to strive to be better knowledgable individuals.


My classmates in all of my classes are indescribable.


My classmates are very helpfull and understanding.


Young. I actually find myself giving my younger male classmates advice on how to carry themselves in thier daily travels and giving life advice in general.


My classmates are diverse, but at the same time, very open-minded and friendly.


Well a lot of my classmates are young and eager to learn.


Variety of ages and ethnicities.


Classmates vary in many ways. At this small campus there are some variations in ethnicity and cultural backgrounds however, it seems as though we all come from the same place. Most of the students I interact with in my classes are the many of the same students I conversed with in high school. The students at State College of Florida (formerly known as Manatee Community College) are very accepting of newcomers and are always helpful to those seeking information on classes and professors. State College of Florida my be a small school but the students have the biggest hearts.