State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

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it i offering me a chance to better myselfin these uncertain times and the combination of the blended classes gives me the best chance to succeed and become a productive member of society


There is a campus about 50 miles from where I live.


my school is unique because now it is a four year college while before it was only a community college so that means more oppertunity for me


What I find unique about attending Manatee Community College is the beautiful campus setting, with its modern classrooms and continuous growth through new construction to offer more resources to its students. Also, Manatee Community College is in a transitional phase to offer bachelor degree programs and has in fact changed their name to State College of Florida to indicate this.


Manatee Community College is the first college I have attended, but it is evident that from these past two years that this college is unique. The atmosphere in and around the campus is peaceful, and beautifully landscaped. When a student first starts college, he/she should have an ease in transition, allowing for greater chance of success. MCC provides students with a beginning that they can build on; gradually increasing the difficulty of courses, making it easier for students to work towards individual success, and feasible goals. The students and faculty are friendly, and make one feel at home.


My school allows me to live at home and create a flexible schedule so I am able to work at my job as well. The campus is 10 minutes from my house and the tuition is free due to scholarships I have mainted thus far


This school is a community school, whereas the other schools I've looked at are all private universities. This school is very opened to what the students have to say, all the students are very involved and friendly. The faculty and staff are also very well trained in their departments and are always available to help students. The class sizes are smaller too, which is nice because the teacher can help each of us individually easily.