State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag the most to my friends about the great class size and the one-on-one help you can recieve from your proffessors. So many people in big univerisities complain about the overwhelmingly large size of their classroom (which, irronically, is actually being held in an auditorium) and how they can't see their professor all the stage floor.


simply: it gave me a chance and it will do the same for you


Manatee Community College had helped me enter the lifestyle as an adult more comfortably than I had imagined. As a graduating high school student, I certainly was scared as well as nervous about entiering college. Who would I meet? What could possibly happen at its worst? This school could very well possibly had been the perfect choice for me as a beginning school in which I had planned to receive my AA. The staff is simply more than helpful, as well as caring, and they've done nothing less than help me feel right at home. I hope to stay.


When i talk about my with my friends i brag most about the classes and the teachers. The teachers their are so friendly, live, and they care. The classes at night are only 1hr long and in that little time i learn so much. I love my school.


the cafeteria is really nice. and i love the outdor campus alot.


When I brag to friends about my school I tell them about how I get more interaction with my teacher because of the small class sizes. I feel a smaller class size for no more than 30 students is better than a class with 300 or more students. I brag to them about the assistant and help you can get to complete papers, research projects, math assignments and more.


How excited I am when I do well on a test and when I pass a course just knowing that I am getting closer to my graduation date is a feeling that I can not explain, but one that I will never forget .


When I talk to my friends about Manatee Community College I brag most about the fact that it is so close to home, therefore I don't need to pay rent. I can live with my parents, go to school, and hold a job to pay for my education and other bills such as car insurance and my cell phone bill.


i brag that i am in schoo for veteranian i am some day going to own land have make a health department for animals, since they are our best friends. everyoneneed nmedical care at low cost, i want to become a low cost vet. i believe we need to giveback to our gret pets when the need something and cant afford it, iwould love to go by peoples income on a sliding scale fee too help the m out.


My math professor who is name is Mary Beth Headlee. She is by far the best professor I have taken at Manatee Community College. She is very understanding and makes sure her students understand material in a sometimes tough subject.


I tell my friends and family most about MCC's small campus and how comforatable it is to approach the professors. Small class sizes are a big plus as well. But most of all I brag about my own accomplishments with my grades and my efforst in achieving those grades.