State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


As at home as I feel here at Manatee Community College, just as any location for any purpous whether it be for school or a career, there are always the cons... As very little cons that I have personally picked out with MCC, one particular issue which always seems to bother me is the lack of discipline the teachers seem to have with their class. Granted, there are adult college stdents, but at the same time there are students fresh out of high school. my initial thought of discipline is nothing than it truly is, here.


The wrost thing about Manatee Community College is the parking lot is to small for so many students and employee. The parking lot should be divied into two one parking lot of employee and the other for students. Benefit of having different parking it save time and there will be more parking spaces for both parties which are students and employee. I feel that teacher and staff have the right to have their own parking spot studnet . As a student we pay high tution and fee's therefore, I believe we have the rights to have our own parking lot.


Computer issues make online school difficult but they are manageable.


Parking is the worst. With the amount of students attending the school now the lots are mostly filled by 8am and students have to part on the greass far away from classes or in the overflow parking lot which is not paved. You have to get to school early to find a parking spot or risk being late while waiting for someone to come out of class and leave campus so you can take their parking spot.


The school I currently attend is truthfully a very nice school. I only have one complaint, and that would be the staff. I personally believe that some of the faculty there should not be teaching. A few of the teachers I had, had no idea what they were teaching. Some of my professors barely even spoke English. One of my professors had come back after not teacher for 8 years, and he could hardly remember the material. While I understand that it is hard to find teachers with this economy, they definitely need to have higher standards when hiring faculty.


The worst thing about our school is the advising. Most advisors are not as helpful as they should be or knowledgable in helping students move on from the community college level. Most students have to figure out what they need for their AA by themselves, and hope that they get it right.


There aren't many bad things about my school, but if I had to pick one thing , it would be the amount of four year degrees available. Currently the only four year degree available is in nursing, which doesn't help those of us that want to pursue another degree. The school is growing rapidly so I am sure more and more will be available soon.


The worst thing about MCC is that because the nursing program has become a full four year degree, the school is now considered a four-year college, no matter what your major is. This is a problem because it means that if a person has bright futures scholarships for 100% of community colleges and 75% of universities, that persons scholarship now only covers 75% of their tuition even though their major may not be nursing.


The worst thing about my school is dealing with the financial aid office. They never seem to take the time to explain things to you in depth. They will answer simple questions as quickly as possible and seem to try to rush you out of there as quickly as possible.


I would have to say the worst thing about my school is not getting a free lunch like students get in highschool. Many students are there as full time students and do not have time to leave campus or even wake up early enough to pack there own. Students who go without lunch or not a nutrious meal suffer from not being able to pay 100% attention in class.


Nothing is bad about my school I am currently attending.


State College of Florida is new to the term University. Only this year have they not been a community college. Being a new university means not offering many degrees that are commonly sought after. Although this school is rapidly growing, as of now many students find themselves graduating with an Associates Degree at State College of Florida and then transferring to larger schools for continuing education.