State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to be challenged academically. This school is mainly for adult students and for students who dont really have a plan.


It really doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to an education it is your choice where you go and what you do.


I think my school is meant for everyone. It is not a major financal burden as other colleges can be. They also have a wonderful tutoring center I feel is a great contribution to other students. I know me personally I am in the tutor center quite often.


I can't think of anyone who SHOULDN'T attend this school! This school has so much to offer it would be a shame not to recommend it to someone!


The kind of person that shouldn?t attend Manatee Community College would be someone with unlimited resources that doesn?t need to take advantage of the savings attending a community college offers. Also, that person, should be someone who isn?t intimidated to go straight to a 4-year university right out of high school or with no exposure to the college environment, as a community college offers an easy transition between high school and a 4-year university, by taking advantage of the more accessible resources by way of academic advisors and the administration staff.


The type of person who should not attend Manatee Community College, is an unmotivated person. Someone who does not like to study, read, and do homework. Also, a person who will not take college seriously, should not attend. The reason, is they fill up enrollment, therefore, they take space in a classroom that could be for an enthusiastic learner.


A person who has not set down and thought about the resposibility that college can have on your life. College can have an affect on your life in a number of ways fiancially and personally in my own personal experience with college I feel that one can have a better success rate if they are fully aware of the hard work and sacrafices that they will have to put into college in order to succceed.


Someone who does not intend to make a difference in their life and or others. Those who do not seek additional information about getting a degree and make a living for themselves. A person who will not take life or anything seriously.


Someone that shouldn't attend this school is someone that has no drive to continue their education or someone that does not want to pursue a path to a better life. That is what college is all about. Trying to better ones life.


A person not willing to study.


The type of person who will give up and just settle for less, the type of person who have drama and issues follow them around