State College of Florida-Manatee-Sarasota Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


That is it very accessible and many students can attend while living close to their parents.


It is close to home for residence weekends and it is online.


The best thing about my school is that the hours and days of the classes are very convient for me. The class sizes are not too large which makes it nice to have one one with the proffesors. They offer online classes as well that make it very convient for someone who does not have transportation.


I consider the best thing about my school is that is a small campus. I like that is it a small school because I have more interaction with teachers and tutors if I need it. If I was at big university I know I wouldn't get the same advantages as I get at this school I am attending. I also like that I have many resources to help with assignments.


The helpful staff members are the best. The advisors in the finacial aid department are willing to help you to understand your status, money is in accounts on time and you don't deal with cash money because they will put it on a MasterCard for you. Career advisors are very helpful as far as assisting you with career decisions. The career center on campus is open to test your skill sets and recomend a career for you. The directors of the different departments, such as Nursing, have also been a great help in answering questions about the course.


I consider the best thing about MCC to be the helpful faculty and staff. It made the transition from high school to college easier to handle. The faculty educates with the difficulty of a university but there are less students so they can have a more one on one interaction with their students. This is helpful when I have questions with the curriculum the professors are available for assistance.


Personally, I consider the classes to be the best thing at my school. They are rather informative and you learn things you'll use later in life. You get classes that fit with your major, so you're not stuck wth classes you don't really need.


I enjoy the fact that my school is less than 10 minutes away form my home. I also enjoy the fact that my classes are not too overcrowded and if need be I can find the time to meet with my teacher and not get lost in the crowd. Its nice to be seen and to know that your professor knows your name.


The best thing about my institution is the class sizes. The class sizes allow for much more personal, one on one attention from the professors. This creates a much more comfortable learning environment, so students can ask questions and not feel left behind. The teachers are always willing to make time to help you as well as any employee on the campus. The campus isn't the biggest in the world, but it definately has its benefits.


The absolute best thing about my school is getting to learn the things i most desire. To wake up and get to class knowing I'll be interested in whatever my professor is going to say. Everything I'll get to read or hear I'll be able to take into my career later on and really use it and also grow from it.


Good instructors and nice campus for a very affordable price. In this economy, need I say more?

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