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State University of New York at New Paltz

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What are the academics like at your school?

I am currently a Psychology and Black studies major. From experience I have observed that much of the classes encourage intellectual discussions which give students more opportunity to reflect and participate. Professors like questions and even provide you with office hours and email addresses to address and questions,comments, and /or concerns. students also take initiative to form study groups and have intellectual conversations out of class. My education so far id definitely relevant to me while connecting to my other classes. I want to be a high school guidance counselor and my education is contributing to me excelling in that position and many other.

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Professors definitely know your name and are eager to help when you need. Small classes give you lots of individual attention. There are a good number of liberal arts requirements that give you a well rounded education and the ability to check out lots of different majors that the school offers and explore interests other than just your major. While I wouldn't call the student body "intellectual" most students had to have an A average to get in here so they are a pretty bright group.

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We are a very competitive school. We try to reach the highest level of knowledge from our classes. If we do not understand certain things in class we can go to the professors office hours and they would love to explain things to you on one on one bases. All of our departments in school are well known and we have great faculty members.

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