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State University of New York at New Paltz

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When applied to college, I knew I wanted to go away. I also wanted a small campus community with many options for getting involved and small classes with supportive faculty and staff . Therefore, I decided to look into New Paltz. After visiting campus, I chose to attend SUNY New Paltz because of the high quality affordable education, diversity, and beautiful location. I knew New Paltz would be a home away from home. The SUNY New Paltz staff and faculty members are supportive and caring. Students have power to easily express themselves and become involved in clubs, organizations and sports. I reassure that parents and family that their students will find happiness and comfort at SUNY New Paltz, sort of a family away from home.

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Since New Paltz was named Best Small State School by Newsweek it has taken off big time. The amount of applications and students attending has soared. Lots of really smart kids who are aware of what a gem this school is, with it's great location - 1 1/2 hours drive to NYC, great college town, artsy and creative atmosphere and beatiful mountain surroundings. The size is perfect at 6,000 undergrads. Small class size and supportive administration make for a great school experience.

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Everything is manageable here. We have town right by us. You can walk or take the loop bus which comes to campus. We are by the hudson valley where we can enjoy the nature and go hiking. We also are close by Poughkeepsie and the malls. We are very close to NYC. We have a lot to offer on this campus. We always have something to do on this campus, if it's not a comedy show it's a concert or a play on campus.

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