State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Unfortunately, SUNY at New Paltz is best known for its reputation from the 1970s as a place to do drugs, especially marijuana, and party.


State University of New York at New Paltz is probaly best know for its art programs as well as its beautiful campus and dedicated staff.


THe nature and the environment. The town is located 20 minutes from the Miniwaska nature preserve as well as Mohonk mountain. The people, both in town and on campus, are friendly and outgoing and more than willing to help you if you ask.


When I first attended SUNY New Paltz people I knew told me it was a party school. I found out it was only a party school if you wanted it to be a party school. It is a very education focused school, which was great for me. As of recent times it seems to be known for being a "hot small state school" and its strong effort to go green.


SUNY New Paltz is probably best known for its social life. The main street gets crowded on weekends with college kids and out of towners who come for the fun. The bars and house parties are always great fun, but can be a distraction from your education. In some ways, the college overwhelms the town which can cause friction between the townspeople, who rely on commerce from the college, and the students, who sometimes are just looking to have fun.


Suny New Paltz is best known for being an art, education, and science school. It also recieved the top ten small schools award.


The intellectual and ethnic diversity of the student body.


SUNY New Platz is best known for it's communication degree, graphic design, education and pyschology degree.


New Paltz is best known for its friendly, welcoming atomosphere where ideas and thoughts are freely and openly discussed and knowledge is spread through this way of spreading ideas. People do not think twice about holding a door open or helping someone pick up their dropped books. Also, I had never met better listeners than here at New Paltz. The student and staff not only pay attention to what people say, but they take people words to heart, as if their words are an extension of their beings.


My school is best known for Sports, Art, Music, Engineering and Writing intensive classes.


Excellent arts and education programs, being littered with hippies.


SUNY New Paltz is know as one of the best small state schools out there and it deserves that reputation.


Drug culture and being the hottest small state school in the country


My school is best known for its tolerance and diversity amongst the community that makes up our entire campus.


Art, small state school. hippie drugs, close to woodstock, great bars/mainstreet.


Art and the mountains

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