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Our location in the Hudson Valley gives us access to a variety of expereices. We are a few hours from NYC, a five minute walk to the down town, and a 15 min drive to the mountains.


Almost everyone who attends this school will you tell you to come here. I haven't found that with other universities attended by friends of mine. Everyone at New Paltz wants more people to come to New Paltz.


It was a small liberal school within state bounds. It was both further east (towards civilization) and in country-esque surrounds. It was not a particularly expensive school. It seemed to offer all of the benefits of college while at the same time allowing me to remain unfocused for as long as I wanted. To be plain, it was a play ground where I could experiment until I matured a little more.


New Paltz is in a great location. For people who are used to city life, New Paltz is a big change. It is located in the middle of mountains and neighboring farmland. Even with its very rural environment, New Paltz is very close to the city of Poughkeepsie, and in the middle of Albany and New York City. The people who go to SUNY New Paltz are also very unique; everything from their clothing to their values and ideals. These are people who really want to make a difference and are not afraid of what other people think of them.


Theres a beautiful body of water right in the middle of the campus. the scenery of the mountains are beautiful


*My School wasn't listed in the drop down- I am an American student (from NY) who has decided to study as an international student at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON, Canada. This is the only school I considered that was not in the US-it had the most types of engineering offered in one school that I could find. It also had tons of activities, clubs, and sports.


It's an open community of students who have similar interests academically and personally. You will gain worldly experience as a student and a person as a whole. One will learn how to balance different aspects of their lives.


This school is extremely liberal and artsy. There are a variety of different cultures and people represented around round campus, and the scenery is beautiful.


SUNY New Paltz is an up and coming school with a great price tag close to NYC and Long Island. Its artsy reputation and down to earth student body makes it a real attractive option. The funky town with it's 60's vibe and beautiful surrounding mountains makes this a popular destination. I think it will continue to attract the best and brightest who want something other than the traditional school experience.


The town of New Paltz is very much alive and full of students as well as other community members. You can walk from campus to town and back, and see so many people that you know. Everyone is very friendly, so meeting new people is no problem. The moutains are so close to the town that a retreat to hike, climb, walk, bike, or swim can be an after-class visit or an all weekend event.




From the first moment I stepped onto the campus, I didn't feel like an outsider. They school was one of the most inviting and comfortable schools, that I have ever been to. I feel SUNY New Paltz has gone above and beyond trying to make people feel at home, and make them apart of the New Paltz "community." The school also had one of the highest procentage of international students, which really inspired me to attend. After one semester, I got to know people from almost all corners of the world.


My school is in a small town so it is easy to get around. The campus is nice and they are redoing a lot of buildings on the campus, for example, there is now a new gym. My school is unique because it is so ethnically diverse. I have so many friends of different races and different religions. I love that there are also people of different sexual orientation here and people are accepting of everyone and their background.


Well, first off lets begin with the student population. In SUNY New Paltz it is 70% female, 30 % male, 15% of the male population is homosexual. Thats probably one difference. The other difference is that every student is quirky in one way or another, this is why it is so easy to accept each other, and not judge each other. Every student is unique in the own way, there is less conforming to social norms, because there isn't one specific norm that everyone follows. Because the campus is small, and the town is small, everyone knows each other.


We have a rich liberal history.


my school, being a samller state school has a strong sense of diversity and academics than other schools I know.


My school is unique from other schools because of the cultural diversity around the campus. That is what I like the most about the school because I meet so many different people everyday. I came in as a transfer student and the people on the campus made the transition much easier. The campus itself is also very pretty and thats the other reason I chose this college.


It is a great environment, full of possitive support and many different ways of life. I have been able to learn so much about different cultures and groups of people, which has been a wonderful experience. Most people are open minded and friendly, so I rarely feel like an outsider or out of place.


this is the only school i looked at, but i liked it because it has a nice campus, a cute town, an equestrian team and the people were awesome.


There are so many opportunities to study abroad. There are normally 3 to 4 different school to study in, in each country. It also has a wide variety of majors for those who have no clue what they want to do and many classes to introduce you into different fields.

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