State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When I brag about my school I always bring up how beautiful it is up here in New Paltz. There is nothing better than getting to walk outside everyday in the fall and breathing in that crisp mountain air. The, for lack of a better word, vibe is perfect. This sucha relaed atmostphere and everyone here is so "artsy" and creative. Its such fantastic thing to be a part of. I'm constantly surrounded by talent and beauty and I'm very lucky that I go to school in such a lax environment.


How many interesting people i would meet


I mostly tell them about the beautiful scenery that surrounds the college as well as the short distance it is from where i live. i find the environment that new paltz is in very enjoyable and i often show my friends the new places ive found such as minnewaska lake and mohonk mountain house as well as other various spots. I also share with them how good the college is and how i'm glad i chose to attend.


I brag about my school to my friends quite a bit. I usually say that the environment in New Paltz is friendly, welcoming, non-biased, tolerant and exciting. I believe that New Paltz has an amazing variety of people (especially with different backgrounds, skin color, religious views, cultures) that you can interact with without being judged or scrutinized. The community is close-knit and walking around town is always exciting, no matter where you go or what you do.


New Paltz is very close to Long Island and New York City. Most of the students are from Long Island, so the distance between home and school is a very happy medium. Also, visiting the city is always very convienent because of the proximity to Trailways Bus Station and Poughkeepsie and the Metro North. My favorite part about New Paltz in all seasons is that during the spring all students gather on the grass courtyards and study, in the fall the leaves are beautiful to look at, especially climbing Mohonk Moutain and the winters aren't so terrible either.


Honestly, I brag most about the parties, setting, and social life. I tell them how the school is inside and outside the academic life. It is a hard yet easy school depending on how you manage your time.


The diversity of the people in the school and in the community. Everyone is just so different- and there is little to no judgement of those differences between similar groups of people. There is a lot of intermingling and acceptance.




I brag about how much we are known as a party school, yet have very high academic standards!


I brag most about the town and the bars. There is a cute little town walking distance from the campus and there is a strip of bars that are hopping on the weekends.


The community feeling of New Paltz. We are one big family, students and professors alike.


I brag to my friends about the fact that athletes have the opportunity to pre-register for classes so they have an advantage over non-athletes. This makes it easier for athletes to handle their workload and sports committment and promotes students to join sports teams.


The freedom. The professors are extremely liberal and in a lot of classes they allow you to write your papers on any topic you choose. It make writing more fun and interesting.


The chilled out atmosphere and the accepting nature of the students. Also, the amazing natural environment and cool small town. New Paltz is truly an undiscovered gem in New York State. The surrounding mountains are breathtaking and filled with cool excursions. The town is funky and has lots of local artisans selling their crafts.


It's one of the best state schools in the SUNY system


This school has the most amazing people, and has the right balance of everything. It's close to New York City, but is in the country. And when you dont need Manhattan, malls etc are still close, but New Paltz is not a suburb. Everyone here is very free to be themselves, and I feel like free expression is a key part of our campus.


I talk about how beautiful and relaxing it is.


I brag about the abundant amount of friendly diverse people. The surroundings at SUNY New Paltz are beautiful and the teachers relate to their students on a professional, yet personal level. The art classes are AWESOME!

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