State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Middle-class liberals, ethnically diverse people, wannabe artists, and teachers.


New Paltz is a very competitive school to get into. THe average student should have an outstanding transcript, an extensive extra curricular activity portfolio. There are also opportunities through the EOP program for students who have atleast a B average and are from low income houses. New Paltz is a diversed school located by the mountains. It is a wonderful school!


Someone that likes a nice environment and a historical town. Someone that likes being able to walk to town and visit the mountains occassionally. Also i think anyone who wants to go to a good academic college should consider attending new paltz. Anyone who is considering a career in teaching, buisness and art should consider applying. Also someone that wants to attend a small but good college.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be someone who is open minded, well rounded, have a good work ethic, and someone who is not afraid to try new things. This person needs to be ready to face difficult obstacles, be patient, understanding, have a great personality and be able to be around others. There is a variety of traits this person have have and they need to have a strong attitude and know when to be serious and focus on work.


A student who wants to be in small personal classes with others who share their interests should attend this school. A student who enjoys a small close-knit community campus would enjoy being here. Also any student who would like to be part of a student body that is passionate about community, rights, education, and whatever else is important to them then this school would be the perfect place to continue their education.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a hardworking, intelligent, and dedicated student. The kind of person that will take advantage of SUNY New Paltz's many resources and many programs. A person that will make their teachers, and fellow students proud of their achievements made at this school. A student that will have school spirit, take part in the community and will work dilligently to show New Paltz that they deserve to be there.


The artistic, the open minded, those whom wish to learn whilst having more fun then should be allowed


Incoming students should definitely have a liberal mindset. Since we are so close to the city there is a little bit of everything from a large homosexual population to what could be classified as "hippies." People on campus is very friendly and it is very possible that you would know everybody by name since it is such a small school so being sociable is a plus. Even for those who are not, there are enough clubs and organizations on campus that you will find your place.


It takes alot of will power and commitment to attend a 4- year university. Someone with the determination to make a better self must go through an educational experience as well as a life-changing experience. What a better way to find out by attending college! College is the best way to make a better you! a person with a dream should attend this school. A person with determination should attend this school especially the minorities. As long as you have a desire, anyone can attend college.


People at this school are very tolerent. No matter who you are, you can fit in somewhere here. So any kind of person, as long as you can tolerate tolerance,


Someone with an open-mind, who is also serious about classwork, and is not all about partying. Of course New Paltz has a large party scene on weekends, most students really do care about this academic standing, and will leave partying to the weekends.


There is no specific type of person that attends SUNY New Paltz. Yes, sure this school gets the repetition of being a "hippie" school, but there is a variety of people, and variety of places, activties, and events for these people. I won't lie and say that there isn't a larger population of the "liberal, hippie" student, but that does not mean that other students will not be accepted. To be a student at SUNY New Paltz is simply to have an open mind. To accept of different lifestlyles and people.


Liberaly folks. Hippy, opening minded bargain hunter.


SOmeone who enjoys a nice small community and loves the outdoors


Hippie. laid back small town job seeker.




New Paltz is definately for the care-free, free-spirited, yet goal oriented person.


an out spoken liberal person who doesnt have a problem speaking their mind. the town is a small town but definitely a college town so if you like to hang out with friends this is also a good plce for you. doing drugs or being "out there" is accepted by students, and people dress however they want.


libral artistic hippies


An open minded person who doesn't mind the out doors and likes the sight of a few mountains in your sunset view. You should come with an academic mind set but also be ready to havea great time. You should also be ready to meet people who are vastly different from you based on home towns, political views, sexual orientation, and many from other countires as well.


I think the type of person who should attend this school should be willing to work for what they want out of their career. They should be motivated to work hard and be social as well. Making the right friends is very important because they will be by your side day and night literally. I also think the person should be strong-minded and able to stay true to who they are. There is no need to change who you are just to feel like you "fit in." They should bring their own personality that makes up this diverse campus.

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