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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


To myself years ago, You are about to experience an amazing place. Do not be scared or nervous at all. You are going to push yourself through academics and sports while making life-long friends. This is an entirely new place with new people; let the things that happened in high school go. That is the past and we can now make a new future. While you are here do not take things for granted. Sitting here four years later makes me miss those tough freshman introductions and late nights with multiple papers. It goes so much faster than you think it will. Go through everything with wide open eyes and an open heart. This is will the start of your adult life and it is going to be a really fun time. Take your studies seriously but also have fun with the people around you. Also, try to branch out a little more passed your comfort zone. Meet more people and talk to more of your classmates. I may have missed some amazing people during my time at New Paltz and if I could do it again I would try to befriend more people. Have fun love. Best, Emily


The advice I would give myself is to relax and stop worrying. I was never the shy type, but coming to college was my first real experience of being away from home. I would also want to tell myself that every little problem that arises is not the end of the world no matter how much it might feel like that is the case every time sonthing goes wrong. It's alright to be nervous or afraid, but it is not alright to let negative emotions like those prevent you from doing things.


Join a club that wouldn't normally interest you! You're sure to find plenty of clubs that you'll enjoy so try to attend a general interest meeting for one that's out of your comfort zone. You'll have plenty of oppurtunities to meet people that are similar to you, now's the time to meet people unlike yourself. You want to meet people that are going to challenge your opinons, not just agree with them.


I would tell myself not to give up. I've gone through six different majors, and each time it has felt like everything was falling apart and I would never graduate. But these changes have led me to where am I today, and I couldn't be happier. I would tell myself not to let the opinions of others sway my decisions, hether that be my decision on my major, a minor, or the school I chose to attend. In the almost three years since I graduated from high school, I have learned a lot about myself and what I'm capable of, and that wouldn't have happened had I not experienced the stress of transferring, switching between departments twice in one semester, juggling school, a job, and commuting 90 minutes each day. College is scary to a high school senior, so I wish someone had been there to tell me it's going to be alright. Your decision then may affect your immediate future, but it won't change the fate of the world. If you know where you want to be someday, you'll find a way to get there. That's all that really matters.


Dear Dana, I know that right now, college is the one thing that is almost always on your mind, yet is the last thing you want to think about. You know that you need the experience and that it will be a great one, yet you are afraid of the change. You wonder how you will ever become the college freshman girl who will be moving all of her stuff into her new dorm on move-in day. Trust me when I say that she is every bit as a part of you now as she will be then. You will be her from now, to graduation day, to move-in day, to the first day of classes, and every day after. Believe that you will be ready, because you already are. Like many stages of your life, college will not be your "best" years, nor your worst. I have learned that college is truely what you make of it. I know that you have the courage and the capability to make it exactly what you need it to be. After all, I should know! Love Always, The Self You Will Become


In my senior year of high school, my group of friends experienced much drama that led to a schism. It was by no means pleasant, and I often felt alone that year. If I could go back in time (and not create a paradox), I would tell myself that my true friends would stay with me, not only through the schism, but through our journeys to college as well. So what if I lost a couple of friends? I made stronger ones in return. Really, it is quality that counts, not quantity. Although I might not believe my future self, I know that I would take note that I made it out of the situation as a better person who is not alone. At the least, I would be amused by the apparition.


My first year of college was dreadful. My best friend/roommate dropped out a few weeks in, and I could not make other friends from New Paltz. My new roommate and I didn't get along, and I eventually got a single room, which isolated me even further. There were many times when I wanted to go home and give up in my pursuit of higher education. If I could go back in time and tell my high school self to approach the situation differently, I would not hesitate to take the opportunity. My advice would have been to branch out and try and make friends, attend events, go to the gym, spend more time outside, and join clubs during the beginning of my first semester. I would have warned not to rely on my high school friend as my only confidante. I do not regret getting the single room, although it was lonely, but it would have been more ideal if I instead had a roommate with whom I got along. If I received this advice, I undoubtedly would have had a happier start in college. I am ecstatic I have started to enjoy myself in my second year.


The best advice I could give my high school self is to go to college immediately upon graduation. Do not get married the following month like I did. I would also tell myself to be sure and take ACT test as soon as possible while all of the newly learned information is still fresh.


Some advice I would give to my high school self since being in college would be to relax more and learn to appreciate what you have back at home more than before. Being away at college is very different from being at home; you have to share a room and bathroom with others and are miles away from friends and family. I should not have stressed out as much in high school as I did. I worked hard in high school, which paid off with my grades and credits, but I definitely missed out on truly enjoying high school, especially the last two years. When going away to college, things are very different. One is in a place that is unfarmiliar at first and in a situation very different from any other. High school me should have spent more time with family and friends actually living life and experiencing what it has to offer. Another thing would be to appreciate having a kitchen opposed to a dining hall that is a ten minute walk away and serves food that may or may not be edible. Overall, relax and enjoy what you can before you have to worry about student loans.


"I'm telling you," I emphasized, "it is better to work hard in high school-- take the long road, the road not taken." The younger me tried to argue by reasoning, "But college is college and as long as I graduate high school, I'll find myself in the same place in the end." I sighed, realizing I could not persuade my younger self, understanding that stuborness is what held me back. I stared at my younger self for a moment, and before she could continue arguing, I cut her off, "Your life will change more than you can comprehend. A year is more time than you know. Don't waste your time, you're smarter than that." She couldn't help but roll her eyes as her stuborness swelled within, causing blindness to my wisdom. Even as a golden opportunity was given to change my past, it became apparent that only hindsight vision is 20/20.


If I could go back in time to give myself advise as a high school senior, I would begin by emphasizing how important it is to put in as much effort as I can. Studying becomes a necessary procedure for college classes. In high school, I often would walk in to take an exam without studying or even looking at my notes. I learned quickly that I could not get away with this practice in college. I would also tell myself to reread every writing assignment I hand in. Professors appreciate a well-organized and comprehensive essay. They take grammar, structure, and effort into consideration when grading writing assignments. Between studying and proofreading, my grades in college increased dramatically, and I felt more pride in what I was turning in. If I were to give myself advise early, I would have said to start working harder as a senior, so the work load would not come as a huge shock. College tests your knowledge as well as your skills and effort; therefore, it is important to work your hardest.


Start the application process as soon as possible so that you can have as many options available to you as possible, definitely do not leave it to the last minute, because college can be fun and new friends can be made. Make sure to look at both the upsides and downsides of each school.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would adivice myself to not waste any time on playing video game ansd start doing real reasearch paper instead of copying and pasting stuff from the internet. I think it would make my life whole a lot better if my past me knew more about the work amount the college courses have such as reading books and writinf orginal work etc. I would also tell past me about being serious about math and science as these two are pretty hard subject if you dont complelte the basic classes in high school.


I know what you're thinking: college is scary, you aren't ready to be an adult, this transition is going to be so hard and how are you going to meet anyone? Stop. Take a deep breath. You will be alright. In fact, you will be amazing. The transition you make from high school to college will take a lot people you thought were close friends out of your life. It may hurt, probably for a while, but it will be okay. You're going to meet people in orientation that will be friends that are more loyal and compassionate than anyone you knew in high school. You are going to make friends that you will have not only through your college years, but the rest of your life. It will be hard, and there will be challenges, but you will persevere. Stop worrying that you haven't done enough and that you aren't ready. You've done more than enough and you will continue to do more. You may not feel ready but you can handle it. You will always be able to handle it. Have faith in yourself and the universe. You will be happy.


I would have started looking into colleges earlier, instead of only looking my senior year.


For blossoming adolescents, senior year is the pinnacle of stress. During the final fragments of childhood, young adults are pressured to make pivotal life decisions. Suddenly, we must rummage through our minds in search of a degree that is not only obtainable, but profitable. Such pressure is burdening; with the weight of the world on our shoulders, we’re left to decipher a future that’s still years away. My senior year was spent obsessing about the future instead of enjoying high school’s finale. I allowed myself to become consumed with worry and, in doing so, missed out on experiences I can never get back. Though it is pivotal to plan ahead, you shouldn’t never your anxieties paralyze you. I would assure my senior self that even the greatest obstacles are resolvable and success stems from challenge. We don’t know where life will take us, so instead of dreading things to come, we should be living in the moment. If we’re not making the best of our present days, how can we expect to illuminate the future? Live for today, dream of tomorrow, but don’t let the unknown overwhelm you.


Not to procrastinate Apply for more scholarships cherish every moment you have


Don't worry about someone else's opinion! I used to spend far too much time thinking about others' perceptions of me. Just this year, I realized that they do not matter. I'm not paying for a reputation, I'm paying for my education. I am investing in my future, which is not dependent on what the guy I almost tripped and fell onto thinks of me. You are not an opinion, or perception, or thought. You are a human being with hopes and dreams. You are a hard-working student who deserves respect. If other people can't see that, then they are missing out! People's opinions come from what you project, so if you are confident about who you are and what you are doing, then it will be acknowledged. Besides, they are usually so engrossed in their own problems that you are the last thing on their mind. And if they are judging you, they are too small-minded to be worth your valuable time.


My first advice is take nothing for granted. Complete and apply for as many scholarships as you can. Do not get discouraged. Another important advice would be to stay ontop of deadlines. Important deadlines are reports, projuects, scholarship, REGISTRATION!!!! College is nothing compared to high school. School work load is more intense. Plus most likely you have to worry about jobs to. College can be very intimadeting, but ask for help feel overwhelmed talk to your advisor, teachers. They can help you!!!! ( they will understand). My last advice is all work and no play is no fun!!!!! take time


In knowing what I now know I would sit down with my "high school self" and tell him to take a deep breathe. It's going to be a long road. At times hard and sometimes oddly easy. Just keep doing what your'e doing. Don't give in, don't give up and certainly remember where you came from. There is a lot that you are going to do. Then my "high school self" would ask: "Am I going to do ok?" To that I'll respond: "Not to worry, you've havent come this far to fall of the earth, you will be fine." Then my "high school self" will get a glimpse of hope in his young naive eye and ask: "Well, is it going to be really hard?" To that, my present "college graduate self" will reply: "My friend, you are not doing this because it is easy, you are doing this because it is difficult. JFK said that." And finally, my "high school self" will say: "Yeah, I knew that."


I certainly could have utilized the knowledge I know possess when I was a senior in high school. Planning one's education is important. Get in touch with the faculty and students at the college to really get a first-hand account of what its like to attend that school. Picking courses also must be underscored. The best universities may have weak courses that you will regret taking so choose carefully! Try to balance social life and schoolwork because if one dominates the other it will be difficult to be a happy and healthy student. Seek to amass a variety of knowledge, try things you haven't ever tried, and go out on a limb to have new experiences which challenge your ideas. In short: be open minded! Avoid competition; humankind is at its best when it is cooperative and learns from each other. Be careful where you live (on or off campus). Your housing situation can really influence your happiness. Remember that learning comes from many places - not just the classroom! Take the most you can out of your experience; utilize all resources available to you! You're paying plenty of money for it! Last but not least, STUDY!


The best piece of advice I would give myself if I could talk to myself as a high school senior would be that college should be about self discovery and focused on who I am/ want to be when I graduate. I entered college in a serious relationship and for the first two years I attended New Paltz. I was so engrossed in my relationship, I never took the time to experience many different aspects of New Paltz. My college experience changed drastically when my relationship ended my sophomore year. I labeled my final two years of college my “selfish years”; I learned more about myself in two years than I had in eighteen. I became more involved in extracurriculars, my academics, and discovered what I wanted to pursue as a career. I entered college closed minded and completely involved in my boyfriend’s well-being, I never took the time to take care of my own. So overall, the best piece of advice I would tell myself as a high school senior is to get involved in everything that I could don’t ever let anything stand in my way on my path of self discovery.


The abiltiy to double major and take full advantage of everthing the school has to offer me has made this school/experience invaluable. I aspire to be a professional musician who has complete artistic control of the music as well as the production behind the scenes - (kind of like the Baroque composer Handel). My goals and ambition has helped me land 3 internship - one of which was at Jimi Hendrix's studio in manhatten (Electric Lady Studios) to work with big name artists such as Coldplay and Kanye West. In the future I plan on obtaining an internship at a engineering company to hone my skills in the electrical engineering fields. The opportunitys that have opened up for me since I began attending SUNY are geared towared everything I want to do with my life and I receive full support from all my teaches and advisors. The college has made me friends and connections that will last me a lifetime. The atmosphere is fantastic - right next to woodstock - the greatest music festival ever with so many a great bands - how could you not feel inspired - especially having grown up on Motown/Oldies, blues/jazz and Classic Rock.


Prior to college, I never really had a voice or even a backbone throughout high school. I was considered to be the easy girl to take advantage of because people were able to coerce me into helping them in academics. Even though I am only a freshman I believe that I have finally been able to find my voice. I know now that I can no longer just let people step all over me and that I am a person with feelings who deserves to be happy. I've made my college my home and in that home I've met people that believe in me and treat me better than I thought I ever deserved. I know that I chose correctly when I decided to go to SUNY New Paltz and I'll never regret that decision.


There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and although tolerance is pushed for, acceptrance ends up being our end result, it is a great feeling to really understand people . I have also learned that most people in the registar's office are of no real help. My major was teaching, the 'acceptance' I mentioned before was huge within my curriculum. I can walk away from New Paltz knowing that I learned alot about people and how to work with them...and to not work with people in the offices on campus and go to the chairs of the respective departments. This helps me with my future endeavors, and hopefully it will help those who read this. Be good and good luck.


A change of perspective has probably been the most important thing I've gained from SUNY New Paltz. You become more humble the more different people you meet and the diversity at New Paltz is what gives the school its strength. I've made connections with peers and faculty that I hope to retain throughout the rest of my life.


The college I am currently attending and the city I currently live in is not at all where I intended to be in the 2010-2011 school year. Right now, I live at home with my parents because I just transferred to Monroe Community College from Parsons the School of Design in Manhattan, New York where I was studying to become a fashion designer. It was my dream to move out of the house, live in the city, work hard, and make it big. Because of financial struggles at home, all my perfectly planned goals had only begun to come into fruition before I was forced to come home and start over. This was one of the greatest struggles of my life. I was not happy with my situation and had no motivation. It was tough until I began to realize that truly, as one dream is lost, doors leading to every other possible dream are opened. I am grateful for my new school and the opportunity to explore options that had seemed impossible before. I now have the chance direct my life in any direction I please, with nothing, not even the lack of money, to stop me.


I have recieved enough knowledge about myslef at SUNY New Paltz to decide what I wiah to do in the future. I plan on going to Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for an MS in Cytotechnology. In this career, I will be able to help people diagnose their diseases, such as cancer, as well as pursue my love of biology.


I have been mentored by some amazing and caring professors that helped me grow both mentally and emotionally during my four years of college.


I got to see the world outside of my parents house. Secondly, got to meet and interact with other students from different backgrounds and all walks of life. Stereotypes were blown out of the water. No one was around to wake you up to go to class. I learned how to be responsible for myself. That is one reason why college is valuable to attend. I learned how to be responsible for my own education and it is also a good learning experience to set goals and plans for the future. Each semester I had to think about what plans I would make for the next semester. College is valuable in that respect. Third , the college experience has given me a lasting bond with other students who attended New Paltz. A week ago I reconnected with a friend who graduated a year before me. He works as a therapist at the school where I am employed. We met after ten years and were able to talk about New Paltz and the choir where we used to sing together ! College helped me to mature . It is a valuable experience for all who attend.


College provides you an enviorment that allows you to grow and come into your own.


In my college experience I have learned to be open-minded and to never let anything distract me from what I am doing. I have learn that being serious at school means being focused and yet still be able to enjoy life and have fun. I have put passion behind every work that has been given to me in school because I know that, I need hard work in order to achieve my career goals. I have also become more enthusiastic about school and the many different subjects and lessons that I am learning. It has been valuable for me to attend college because I am learning the importance of hard work. I have come to realize that any short cut that does not require being hardworking will not bear fruits!


I've taken many things away from my college experience, so many that it's difficult to narrow down specifically what those things are. Perhaps most important is a greater understanding of myself. To give an example, think of a coffee-snob who doesn't know he is one, until one day he sips on a horrendous and foul brew; he is changed forever. Now, I don't mean to say college is a bad experience; don't get me wrong. What I really mean is that it is something without which one wouldn't really understand oneself. It is an 'experience' in the full sense. It is something one thinks back to forever-after. College allowed me to become concious of what I like and what I don't; of who I am. And that knowledge in itself is worth the time and money spent there. Again with the coffee-snob, not only did that bad cup of coffee illustrate how much more was to be desired. It allowed him to fully enjoy each and every good cup more fully. It is best to think of the experience more as an investment than a sacrifice.


When I entered college I was a typical high school student. I want more interested in who was dating who and what I should wear to school than what is going on in the world and how I can help. Things that did not affect me directly did not matter to me. College has really opened my eyes to the important things in the world and changed my values. In high school classes, I spent most of my time memorizing useless facts that I would later forget. College classes have been very different for me. In many of my classes we spend our time formulating opinions, analyzing information and becoming involved in the subject. Simply memorizing the facts is not enough. The other students at SUNY New Paltz have also opened my eyes to many interesting things. At New Paltz, people share their opinions and learn from each other. Through these interactions, I have become much more aware of issues such as poverty, the environment and political issues. As I have become more aware of these problems, I have also become more involved in fighting these problems. College has been a very eye opening experience for me.


Through the college experience I have realized why I love education. In college I have the opportunity to learn just about anything and everything. I want to grasp this opportunity and gain all of the knowledge possible. Then again this is my flaw, also. I want to know little bits everything rather than a lot about one thing, but that is the great thing about me being in a Community College. I have taken so many classes and it brought me to the realization of where I want to take my life. I will be pursuing a major in music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance. I decided on this path because again I have had many opportunities to take many classes in any subject. I experimented in voice, choir, dance, acting, piano, even Student Government. I found out that I love all of that, but I enjoy singing the most. It has been a priceless experience because with my new found knowledge and passion, I am now ready to plow through any obstacles to reach my goal. College has given me the push that I needed to discover new talents and strengths and now I can accomplish my dreams.


Out of my college education I have learned how to tackle the responsibilities and obstacles of the real world. During my 4 1/2 years of undergrad I became patient with the responsibilities of school work, extra curricular activities and financial matters. I have applied my leadership skills that I've learned in college to my efforts in seeking jobs of my choice, and I have also applied my leadership skills to the jobs that have employed me since I graduated. College does not make you smarter, It makes more aware of all the wonderful opportunities in the world. Once you obtain your degree, you are put on a pedestal higher than those who have none, however you do face the same problems of those who does not have a college degree as well. But here is where you futher exercise your patience. Not only do you obtain a degree in college, you accumulate load of wonderful friends who have been through the struggles of the college life, and graduated with a vitorious outlook on life after college.


So far the most valuable aspect of my college experience has been the life experience that I've gained. Honestly- its been tough. I have had to face challenges (travelling/flying alone for the first time, adapting to a non-vegan friendly town, navigating a huge city by public bus, etc.) while balancing a ridiculously intense program. (I'm in Mechanical Engineering at the "best engineering school in Canada") But these challenges have made me somewhat fearless. If I encounter a challenge now I might be upset about it for a little while but I have learned to overcome that and attack the challenge head on. College has changed me into this person that never gives up.


I would tell myself to stop and think about my future and what do I really want out of life and a education. I would also tell myself to enjoy being a teenager in high school. I think teens have so much pressure from each other to be someone they are not and they should try being themself. High school is the last stage in life where you don't have real responsibilty and no worries about the stresses of reality. I can remember how many times my friends and I sit and say how much we miss high school. Students should not take for granted the time they have there and they should stop an enjoy it. It is also important to be responsible and do your work. I would advise myself on researching on scholarship and filling out as many as you can because that is one thing I regret I did not do. If you are undecided about a major maybe you should go to a community college and explore your options before heading out to a major university. Also, be aware of your resources and take full advantage of them.


If I encountered myself during my senior year, my high school self would probably be studying for the SATs. Last year, I took that test twice, as well as the ACTs, to give myself the best advantage. I stressed and stressed over those tests, constantly practicing and learning vocab. If I were to give my former self advice knowing what I know now, it would be not to stress as much and to take advantage of what the campus has to offer. During my first semester, I started to feel extremely overwhelmed. I was not satisfied with my grades at all, I was barely getting any sleep, and I got sick fairly frequently. If I could go back, I would tell myself to visit the Writing Center on campus or go for student tutoring to get my grades back up in English. I would tell myself to visit my professors during their office hours and be proactive in getting help for myself, bot academically and physically. I would say that even though getting good grades is important, taking care of myself is far more valuable. Overall, college is stressful but the campus has lots of resources to help you deal.


I would give myself the advise to consider whats most important to me when deciding which school i would choose to attend. My whole senior year of high school i was set on a different college and i've never regretted changing my decision because in the end i made my decision based on whats most important. I chose to attend new paltz because of how close from home it was and being close to my family was something i wanted. I also chose it because of how good of a school it was and i liked the fact that it wasn't a university. I would also advise myself on how college was different than high school. I would tell myself that it requires much more responsibility and hard work. I would stress the importance of studying because the fast pase of college makes it more than necessary. i'd warn myself on how quickly each semester goes.


It if was possible to go back in time to when I was a high school senior I would have told myself to do better in writing, to have a better studying routine, and to not procrastinate so much. I would have told myself to focus more on getting work done and have a set time to do it and not let the work linger. I would have told myself to take more risks and not be so scared or self concious. I would have taugh myself to not stress or worry so much and just let things fall into place. I would have tried to make more friends and learned how to approach people I dont know or have never talked to. I would have taught myself how to have a healthy relationship and not be so scared to leave an unhealthy one. If I could go back in time I would have told myself to focus more on school instead of having a B average raise it up and achieve more. I would have told myself that I can do better and not aim for average and go beyond that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would have a lot of useful information to share. As a senior in high school I wanted to attend a small private college as a chemistry and biology major. As a freshman in college I did just that. My advice to myself would be to take more time in my decision of which school to attend. I would also tell myself to consider factors such as possibly changing my major, distance from home, and the availability of a wide range of classes. Luckily for me I had the ability and support to transfer colleges and I found my fit at SUNY New Paltz as a psychology major. I would not change my college experience, but being more prepared for the freedom of what I could choose to learn about would be something I would of liked to be more open to during my college search during high school. I would tell myself to be open to the possibility that I have not yet discovered all the passions I have in life just yet.


I would tell myself that college is a whole new world compared to high school. When in high school, you no longer have any of the stigmas that you may have gained in high school and you can become a whole new person, whoever you wish to be. College is an experience to let yourself grow and become whatever you want. Away from parents and high school may be scary at first, but you will grow to have a new family. In the end you must just be open.


I am absolutley loving my college experiance. I would congradulate myself as a high school senior for having the right idea.


If i can go back in time and tell my self about the college expiernece, it is challenging and worth it the expierience. Choosing to live in campus is a better choice because you will become more social,know what to improve academically. Walking around campus will let you know the hard work you went through high school and you deserve this. Try to be more social and to be scare to get out there and expierence the oppurtunity given to you. If their is a challenge be aware and try hard to overcome it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to prove others wrong. I would tell myself to succeed in order to show others that you can, even when you are put down. I would tell myself that it is going to be a hard road ahead but with hard work and determination anything is possible. I would tell myself to always strive for the best while still remaining humble. Also, I would remind myself to never forget where I came from. College is a test of dedication and perseverance. Never let bad grades think you're not good enough, just work even harder to do better than before. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.


Hello, Self. You are about to leave home today. I know for a fact that you will cry tonight, because of the friends, family, and boyfriend you left behind. You will hate it at your new school for a few days and feel as if you can't relate to any of your peers, because you've always seen yourself as more mature and serious than others your age. Don't worry, Self, you will find your friends. Your classes won't seem as overwhelming as you thought, and you even will succeed in straight A's your first semester. The advice I can give you is to not get too sad over leaving what you knew. Change is hard, and I know that you feel as if you are the only one who hates change, but you are wrong. You will find others who are just as sad, awkward, and mature as yourself, and are waiting to meet you. Let go a little, Self. Open up to your new friends! It will make those first few days of transition much easier.


If I were to turn back time, to about six months ago, I would surely give myself some advice that would have made the transition to college a little more smooth. I would first tell myself to always trust my first instinct, and not to second guess myself. This is because by making a plan and sticking to it, college can seem a lot less confusing and new. Another piece of advice I would give myself would be to keep up on the book readings! This was told to me so many times, but I felt as if skimming chapters would be sufficient. After cramming for many tests, I learned to read and reread full chapters, no matter how boring or tedious this task seemed. Finally, when going off to college, one never knows the background of those with whom they meet. Always keep in the back of your mind that "even though we both go to the same school, our situation can be very different, and the way we got here can also be very different." This advice will hopefully help in surrounding yourself with the best influences, and becoming the person who you want to become.


Go to New Paltz first rather than to my other college choices. New Paltz has the perfect staff for me to accomplish my goals it uses technology just enough with the classroom work to incorporate it well.


Sometimes in order for you to go to heaven, you have to go through hell. In high school, I had to go thorough test and exams to get to where I am and I'm proud of what I've done this far. In the future, I plan to better myself to be sucessful in whatever I do... Just hang in there and work hard!

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