State University of New York at New Paltz Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Honestly? I wish I had known how poorly maintained the walkways are during the winter. They create a very harsh and dangerous physical environment during the snow and ice that comes with the colder weather and walking around makes me nervous. I also wish I had known about how bad their food was. There is only one main dining hall and the required meal plan for freshman only allow you to eat there. The food is less than desireable, though luckily they do alway have a vegetarian option which I greatly appreciate.


That it was pretty windy and rainy and the combination is not as pleasant as one would hope.


I wish I knew from the begining that I would have to really keep my own records because paper work tends to get messed up.


I wish I knew that it was going to be so hard to afford college. Each year the tuition is going up and it is making it very impossible for students like myself to keep going. I have worked hard enough to graduate a semester earlier than I should just so I could try and save myself some money and get a job.


what i really enjoyed doing


That they would be doing so much construction


ummm nothing the faculty in the dorms are really helpful


Nothing more than I did.


THat there was no way to meet people that there is nothing to do unless you were of age or had a fake id, and that 'school functions' were not cool and no one went and that i would feel lonely.


How accepting everyone is. That would have taken some of the worries away about finding new friends while first moving in.


I wish I had known more about money. I feel I never really knew the true value of a dollar until coming to school.


I would have wanted to know more details about the extracirricular activities. In addition, I guess I would have liked to familarize myself with the racial demographic of the school (percentage wise) because as a fellow student it's good to know what the rest of the student body will be like. However, I'm not one to focus on a person's race as my friends are of all races, socioeconmic backgrounds, and religious beliefs. I would also like to have know what the favorite hotspots in town were, and fellow students' true opinions of the town and townsfolk.

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