Stephen F Austin State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They can be great at times just don't trust everyone you meet.


Stephen F. Austin has a very diverse atmosphere.


My classmates are hard working individuals and great team players.


I'm still fairly new here, but my classmates are smart, interesting to listen to, and speak their opinion.


my classmates are all different in their appearence, attitudes, and beliefs.


My classmates are very nice and helpful.


I don't really think that any particular type of person would feel out of place at SFASU because there are all kinds of different people at this school. There are Greeks, Geeks, Jocks, Creative people, Intelligent people, etc. Most of the different types of people react with one another on a daily basis as well because most everyone is in more than one type of organization, so there's a nice blend of people and groups around campus. Most students are from Lufkin, Houston, or Dallas, with a few sprinkled in from other smaller cities and even a good amount from out of state. A lot of the students do receive help from financial aid because college is expensive, so not very much emphasis is placed upon financial background.


Students at SFA are very welcoming. The first week on campus at SFA is generally called 'Welcome Week' because there are week long events for new and returning students to learn about the various opportunities and organizations that SFA has to offer. There are students from all over (from Texas to Ohio to France).


Fun to be around and eager to learn.


My classmates are involved on campus, with many opportunities to join organizations that leaves less students out with nothing to do on campus and more students with something positive to do on campus.


My peers that are in classes relevant to their major are very focused and they care about the grades they make. But if the class is a side requirement they use the phrase "D for diploma". In two of my classes, about half the class ended up having to drop.


My classmates are great. People actually attend class and are actively involved in discussions. Everyone is incredibly friendly. Living in an urban area all of my life and moving to a small rural town was a big transition but the people in Nacogdoches are much kinder than Houstonians.


My classmates are fun, interesting, and intellectual people with many different backgrounds and experiances to share.


Very friendly and uplifting people who want to know you better while overall achieveing a great grade


They are easy to talk to and make conversation with.


Students in my particular major are very outgoing and goal-oriented. Several students attend the SI sessions available on campus and are very studious. They all seem friendly and all want to do well in classes.


my classmates are very friendly and eager to learn and love the school


My classmates in SFA are respectful to one another, friendly, helpful, toughtful, kind, intellegent, confident, and very social.


My classmates are all fun people.


My college classmates are all so very different. Some are loud and anxious to learn, but others are just loud. Some of my classmates are quiet and eager as well. Most classmates are very friendly as the semester goes on.


My classmates are usually eager to learn and those that may not be conduct themselves in a respectable manner in class.


The classmates I have had are always fun, laid back, and engaging.


I would say that most of my classmates are motivated; no one is afraid to ask questions if necessary and there are only a few that miss class, that i have seen anyway.


My classmates are full of life and wonderful. They all are open to new people and new ideas! There are many different ethnicities as well as cultures that will allow one to gain new incite on many different things!


All of us come from very different backgrounds and from different cities, yet when we get together in a classroom we forget our differnces and work together in a very friendy dynamic.


My classmates at Stephen F. Austin State University were warm, welcoming, supportive and sincere ; they were a priceless commodity.


At Stephen F. Austin State University my classmates are very interactive. During classes they are very interested in answering any questions that I have when I don't understand something as well as questions I have about assignments that I have missed or have done incorrectly. I have joined numerous groups created by students in class to help support study habits. I have also made many new friends in result of these study groups.


Most classmates are excited about class, and like to form study groups.


Avrage college students, some a driven by GPA, others guys or girls, it's drinking for others, then some aim for higher goals.


My classmates are overall very helpful and open-minded.


They were diverse. Some had goals for the future outside of college and others were only thinking of how drunk they could get that night.


Most have turned into life long friends.


They are focused but fun, serious but friendly, and uniquely individual.


My classmates are so outgoing and fun to be around. There is never a dull moment in my classes. Even when everyone is dead tired at 8:00am, theres always someone who brings sunshine to the classroom discussions and makes everyone smile. The professors also love it when students do this, it really gets everyone sitting up and ready to learn.


My classmates are all very friendly, courteous people who love to do their best in their books while having fun.


Most of them are just here for a social life and to barely scrape by in their degree plan. Parties go on all the time. Very few actually care about trying in academics.

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