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The campus size is much smaller than the other universities I considered. As a result, my class sizes are substantially smaller averaging between fifteen to twenty-five students per lecture. I like the class size because it allows me to form a personal relationship with my professors and I feel like I do not get lost in the crowd. I do not like the idea of being in a a classroom with three hundred other students where the professor can not even call me by my first name.


It's feel like it's in the middle of nowhere, which is nice because it's surrounded by trees and very pretty.


I like Stephen F. Austin better than the other schools I considered because unlike the others, SFA has student leaders, professors, and other staff members that personalize themselves with the students. At orientation our orientation leaders connected with us and helped us with anything and everything. They were just like one of us. The campus is great too. There's so much shade and you can get places very easily. The eating places are great too.


It is smaller in size and population and it is in a very nice town with a great atmosphere.


My school is unique because of its size. Although we are a much smaller school we have huge spirit and an awesome community.


The school spirit and unity that we have here is greater than any other school I know of. We work hard but we also make time to enjoy ourselves while getting our desired degrees. The courses and professors here prepare you for the real world 100% and have industry connections like none other.


The professors care about your education, the classes aren't too hard, and there is a lot of diversity on campus.


We take our school pride very seriously.


Something unique about Stephen F. Austin State University is the amount available help offered for anyone struggling with a class. Stephen F. Austin offers personal tutors, student instructor groups and walk-in tables all for free.


The amount of academic resources offered.


Stephen F Austin State University is unique because it is like one huge family. The professors are amazing and they are willing to go above and beyond to help students succeed.


The unique qualities for SFA that made it a deciding factor was the amazing Rec center with a lazy river, hot tub, and awesome pool. There are also amazing natural trails through beautiful forests on campus and outstanding programs to involve students within their degrees. For example I?m an Creative writing major and there are visiting professors with real life experiences in their fields; touring poets and writers; an on campus Lit Mag; and faculty members who get involve even before you become a student.


The forests and atmosphere.


Stephen F. Austin was right for me because it was far enough from home that I would be able to have the real college experience but still close to home that I would be able to go home if I had wanted to.


SFA is just the perfect size campus and the professors are always willing to help students. You can walk anywhere in about 15-20 minutes. All the academic buildings are close together and in the center of campus. The dorms surround the academic buildings. The recreational center was built a couple years ago and is amazing. There is truely something for everything including indoor track, treadmill, dance classes, yoga, pilates, weights, raquetball, basketball courts, kickboxing. The school also has clubs for everyone ranging from rodeo and fishing to intermural softball and football to equestrian and bowling.


The most unique thing about Stephen F. Austin State University would have to be all the great traditions that the school has to offer such as the purple ring dip, watermelon spring bash, bonfire, and many more. It is also a great environment where a student could feel safe and comfortable enough to give it it's all. The students are also very nice and welcoming and all your professors are always there when you need them, and the school itself offers a great variety of majors.


What's unique about my school is that is small community like but big enough to escape.


Stephen F. Austin State University is very unique in a sense that not only do you feel at home, but in the comfortable environment, you can grow into a well-rounded adult. There are tons of activities for students to engage in, as well as study groups to maintain that hard earned GPA. To top it all off, the school is located in the oldest town in Texas, so if leaves you with a strong passion and understanding of our history and where we come from.


I consider all of our student organizations unique. We have over three hundred of them there is one for everyone. All of the organizations help with networking and help us grow as college students and adults.


I looked into many great universities, but what stood out the most about Stephen. F. Austin was its serene beauty of many beautiful trees and the fact that it lays in a small town. I have learned that in smaller towns, it is easy to meet new people and to actually see them again on a regular basis. Knowing many different people in one town is beneficial in things such as taking classes, forming study groups, and finding jobs.


Honestly, I never considered anywhere else. SFA had everything I wanted as far as major options and when I toured the campus, I knew this was where I wanted to be.


To be a small to middle-sized school, the school spirit is second to none. It is only 30 minutes away from home and the campus gives a friendly vibe to everyone who visits. After every SFASU win a purple light is visible on top of our largest dorm, this is very unique!


It offers you free tutoring at no cost and its very helpful when u need assists on your work. The private tutors can really help you out especially if you do not understand the class. The school has an on campus movie theater with the previous movies that just the movie theaters. The tickets are at a low cost of $1. You can never get bored on campus not matter what day of the week it is. The Student Activities Association (SAA) plans activities for the student throughout the whole entire month. All of their activities are free at charge.


My mother is an Alumni of SFA and that was someting to consider for me. SFA is set in a friendly environment and the size of the school was just right for me.


everyone is friendly t one another and the diversiy is amazing.. the school is also small and hands on with perect weather


small town friendly


The close-knit community of SFA created a unique sense of becoming a part of a long-lasting family when I became a new student. Students, faculty, staff, and community members go above and beyond to make students feel welcome. Becasue Nacogdoches is the oldest town in Texas, students here get to experience a unique culture of rich history and small town pride. I believe SFA is a university that provides students to experience a secondary education in an environment that is unparalleled.


There's nothing unique about that school at all. It was not my first choice, the other schools I considered where further away and my family wanted me closer, so I was obligated to choose this school.


The suronding area is like that of a small town, but it not that small. It has a real hometown feel.


Stephen F. Autin is theonly university in the state of Texas that has a College of Accounting separate from the College of Business.


The school is small and well suited to hold a little over ten thousand students with a rich small town experience in the woods while we pursue our degrees. Everyone is generally friendly and always willing to help. I can disappear into the woods whenever I feel like to take some time alone or if I need to study.


I think here (at least for my major) you get a lot of experience. Even more experience than I would at a bigger school. I know many of my professors and keep in contact with them, which is very rare. My sister went to a muge bigger school in Texas, and she is jealous of that fact. There are many more opportunities here to grow. There's lots more opportunities to be a leader in clubs, as well.


Everything is student lead. There are very few active professional adults other than the regents who have any governance on campus. Students lead, organize, and are responsible for 95% of the activities. Students are also responsible for judging unbecoming conduct.


I think the school spirit is what sets this school apart from the other schools. People love to go to the sporting events here. They tend to have lots of fun around here. They tend to go all out too. Face paints, painted axe handles, purple haze shirts. Its all good fun.


SFA not too big and not too small. The class sizes are just right for student-teacher interaction as well as student-student interaction. Also, SFA is in the middle of a VERY friendly town. It's smaller size than most universities gives the feeling of a more close-knit, family-like environment. SFA also has over 200 clubs available for all kinds of people and also allows students to make their own. In addition, the president of SFA is more than willing to listen to students' ideas on how to improve the campus and to make it happen.

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