Stephens College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is a private women's college that provides students with small class sizes and a few great degree programs.


Stephens is a school of learning it is a place where you get to meet so many new people and your teachers are very helpful and they want you to go far and have a wonderful career and life ahead of you its a place where you feel welcomed all the time and they make you happy to be here.


At the time that I attended Stephens College it was undergoing some major financial issues. Some of the buildings were out of shape and attendance was down. However they school had a special charm about it that let you know this was only a phase. The alumni support and the love of the students help re-build and raise the needed funds to bring back the school. Stephens has been around since 1833 and it will continue to rise to the economic challenges the future will bring. Stephens College is a special place with a powerful history important for women.


An institution creating career ready women of distinction.


My school is majority white and is a small campus were everyone hangs out with people of there majors or if there on the same floor.


Women making history, in a male dominated society.


If you saw Mona Lisa Smile, that is this school.


The school is in need of repair structurally and academically.


The best thing that has happened to me yet.