Stephens College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about how much fun I'm having in the classroom as well as outside. All the teachers are fun and will help every student to succeed as long as the teacher is aware of the student needing help. The school provides plenty of fun activities on campus that are specially made for college students. Like movie night on wednesdays, religious club meetings, and (when its finals week) a spa day.


I love the atmosphere, everyone is very friendly. It's a very accepting community of students and faculty. The Programs are great, the clubs and organizations are fun. I love how small the class sizes are, it gives you a better opportunity to know your classmates and teachers.


I used to brag about the fashion program at my school (we really do have the best program around). Once I arrived at Stephens, I began to brag about how nice the people are, how much more there is to do in Columbia than there is in my small hometown, and how helpful the students are. I've talked to some of my friends who say that their professors don't really care whether they fail or not. My instructors do. They want me to succeed and are always available for conversation and aid. Overall, Stephens aims for winners.


I went to an all women's college, and while that may not seem like something to brag about, it was. The small intimate classrooms were easier to focus in and to concentrate on your major. The small campus was simple to navigate. On the same level, Mizzou was literally next door, so when you wanted that University feel and life, you could just hop right over. Stephens even let you take classes at Mizzou if they didn't offer what you were looking for. I took advantage of this. It helped prove that I made the right educational choice.


This college is very liberal arts and the teachers really care. While we are a tiny school of women and less then a dozen men so you get a lot of one-on-one time with your teachers but you can walk less then 5 minutes over to a huge university campus and participate in a lot of social things over there. The town is a total college town so there are lots of things to do and it is so much fun all the time.


How I am learning so many cool things.


Women's college, class size, cost (in that it's cheap).