Stephens College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food. Every student is required to have a meal plan. The rule about everyone having a roommate and the cost of having a single. It should be lower.


I haven't found any major flaws with the campus, the school, the faculty or anyone. I mean the weather is the only thing I don't like, and they can't actually control that. :)


The worst thing would probably be the short warning of what books we will need for next semester. It feels like a week before class and they are just now telling you what to buy.


I am in a sorority, and there are only two on campus. There is some resistance by campus administration to the existence of sororities on campus completely ignoring the social and skills benefit of the organizations. Kappa Delta sets the bar high for its members and as President, I am learning many administrative and functional tasks that will work well for me in the future.


Stephens College is a private women's college that has a rather steep tuition. Most women who attend have never had to work for anything in there life and can be judgemental of those to work to put themselves through school. It can be hard to get along with girls who recieve money from there parents whenever they want it when you have to worry about having enough money to buy groceries. This is the worst part about attending Stephens College.


The food is the worst thing. They have food that is fine but it does not feel nutritional. Some of the food is unhealthy and I believe there should be more fruits and fruit salads or a healther choice for desserts instead of cookies and cakes.


The tution is the worst thing about Stephens. It cost 30,000 a year to go here. Thats a lot of money compared to other schools. I hate taking out loans but thats what I have to do because they don't give me enough aid money and they don't tell you were to find scholarships to help you.


Not enough support for all the new programs and growing.