Stephens College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is goal oriented and who wants to make something of themselves.


Personally, I believe anyone would be a good candidate to attend Stephens College. We are so diverse as a student body and we all thrive to do our best, no matter what field we are currently in.


A person that is not well organized, a procrasinator and doesnt know what they want in life. You have to be string minded and a people person.


Someone who thrives in anonimity would not be comfortable at the small atmosphere of Stephens. Stephens has a very tight knit community, and almost everyone knows everyone else. A student who doesn't feel comfortable participating in class would not do well at Stephens, nor would someone who doesn't have a strong sense of what path they intend to pursue. Each major at Stephens is very focused and very interactive, so undecided majors can lose a lot of ground.


If you are used to big environments this school is not for you. If you are interested in business and numbers and a non-liberal arts environment this school is definately not for you.


Someone who likes to be around boys and needs their attention. Someone who doesn't have $50 or more comng in every two weeks, because the supplies cost alot and you wont be able to do the projects. Someone who doesn't have a part time job.