Stephens College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


In order to be a Stephens women, you need to be a woman with determination. You can't be a woman who gives up. If you don't like people knowing your name then this is the wrong place for you. Because Stephens is so small and private it's much easier for people around campus to get to know you. So if these few things don't seem to describe you then Stephens college is not the school for you.


I was well informed on any and everything that I needed to know about Stephens College, so once I came nothing felt like a surprise because I already knew what to look forward too.


That you do need a car to get around town. It comes in handy. To have the lowest meal plan because the food is awful.


Some of the things that i would of known is that there is so much to go into the homework. and that you should not put most of your homework of til later times and that when it comes to test make sure that you study hard and try your best knowing that is the best you can do.


I wish I had been more aware of how much more rigorous the training at college would be compared to the training I had during high school. Obviously, I had been told it would be more intense but I suppose I never fully comprehended the warnings. I'm not sure what I could have done differently to mentally prepare myself but I feel like being more aware would have helped.


I wish I had known to stop sweating the small things in life. My first year at Stephens I worried about people liking me and getting invited to parties at the near by university. I was unmotivated my first semester, since I was so worried about pleasing other people. I later realized that I should never worry about what other people think about me and if they do, they are not worth my time.


Before starting college, I would have like to have known how to successfully manage my time in between classes. Learning how to study and complete projects in a productive manor and not procrastinate. I also think it is be important to know how to be reliable on my own. This deals mostly with ordering text books and filling out Financial Aid and loan paperwork. I have learned from this last semester, that college is an opportunity to show off the skills and responsibilities that I was taught as a child and to expand my knowledge as a student.


Scholarships available.


A lot about finacinal aid. I wish i would have known were to go to get scholorships and grants.


I wish I understood that there is a different feel when there are no men, but it is a good feel.


How bad the work areas are. How the programs don't supply you with supplies that you need with the lab fee. How much money I would be spending each year and week. How each year you dig deeper and deeper into debt. How the buildings need to be torn down or renovated because they are horriable to work in. I wish I had known just how bad the dorms are.