Stephens College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


That they offer so much financial aid and the fact that the school is so small and close knit.


I consider the best part of Stephens College to be the fact that all of my professors know me on a personal level. All of the courses that I have taken were small, discussion based classes with less than twenty students. I've had the opportunity to get to know my teachers and they have always been available to offer extra assistance when needed.


Stephens is a very open community. The girls (and the few guys) here are all welcoming and accepting to the freshmen. If you need help, people will give you help, or tell you who you need to talk to. The faculty and staff here really do strive to offer you with the best education and living situaion available. I love my school, which is a big deal since I didn't even like high school all that much. If I wasn't at Stephens I probably would have dropped out by now. Stephens helps me be my best.


The greatest programs are theatre and fashion--and they're amazing. Everything else is pretty low key. So the arts are the best thing about Stephens! They're taken very seriously, and treated professionally so it's a good atmosphere.


As an acting apprentice at Stephens College, I'd say that it's incredibly important for students aspiring to have a future in theater to understand all aspects involved in putting together an outstanding show. All Stephens theater apprentices are required to take a Stage Craft/Stage Management course, a Stage Make-Up course and, if they are not cast in the current show and constantly in rehearsals, they must help build the set and/or design lights/sound. This instills in us a higher respect for the theater technicians and makes us more well-rounded in the theater world.


The education I'm getting, because it's intense and I am learning a lot.


Class size.


It's a liberal womens art school. It's very empowering to be here and you get to focus right away on what you want to do.