Sterling College-Sterling Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In my opinion, the type of person that should be able to attend this school would be someone that is self-motivated enough to want to learn more about the types of matters that create our society. Not only learn about society itself, but through a Christian aspect. They should also be someone who craves to acquire more knowlege and applies that knowledge to make a difference in the world, and in helping others understand this same knowledge. Lastly, someone who shares the same desires with their fellow students, whether it's in their aspects, goals, or need of knowledge.


Some one wanting the small college experience. Someone comfortable with themselves enough that the can fit in with any group. Somw one wanting to follow christ and his teachings


People that are willing to learn and are wanting to live and learn in a small Christian campus. Anyone that wants to become a teacher should come to this school because this school has a great education department and has a high job rate after college. This campus is a campus that accept anyone so we have students that are very diverse and from different cultures.


No one.


A person who enjoys going to chapel.