Sterling College-Sterling Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Sterling College is the sense of community. Classmates, professors, faculty/staff all want to get to know you, and probably will know your name even when you don't know who they are! Everyone here is so open and willing to help you and wants to see you succeed. The open, friendly atmosphere fosters the highest learning and allows students to feel at home away from home.


The one thing that I think is best about my school is the college community. Everyone on campus knows everyone else. The campus community feels like a family. Let's say if someone got in trouble on campus, everyone else knows about it by the end of the day. Being on campus with 899 other students there iis a good chance of making new friends right away.


It is close to home. So, if I need to get away from campus on the weekends I can.


The best thing about Sterling College is that it is a rather small school and everything in within walking distance. It is easy to make friends because of the smaller class sizes too.