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What is unique about my school is the idea of family. In each class we have less than twenty people and less than twenty people on your dorm floor. I have come to know so many people in away that no other school allows their student to. My school allows for each student to connect to the students, staff and professors in away no other school allows them to. At Stetson I feel that we learn more and are more advanced when it comes to our education than any other school.


Stetson University promotes Global Citizenship. As a Stetson student, you become a part of a community that is made up of different cultures. You become engaged and active, learning about the importance of diversity and how to promote social justice. You become a part of a family and feel included, despite what color, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion you are. You feel welcome and ready to achieve more than you came to do. Stetson takes you far in life, further than you imagined possible.


Stetson University is an academically challenging college that strives for excellence.


Most of the other schools I considered, while very nice, were too stuffy or uncomfortable. Stetson is different because of the many things that the university does to make you feel welcome and comfortable. They have icecream buffet nights, a beautiful campus, professors who get to know you one on one and so much more. There is a welcoming feel to Stetson that I did not feel anywhere else. Around finals Stetson offers massages and coffee break sessions to help its students get through the long study hours. Finally, Stetson is constantly trying to improve so it can be better.


Old buildings


Stetson has the best Teaching Education program around, it's one of the biggest reasons I chose Stetson.


One unique thing about Stetson Universtiy is that we ARE one of the friendliest schools in the south. This is a proven fact that can be backed up with proof. Also some of the famous movie Waterboy was filmed here at Stetson University and in Deland at Deland High School.


I think Stetson is unique because of their emphasis on discovering unique ways to teach classes. We often take field trips in the biology department to do field work and sometimes classes are held in the coffee shop or outside for a more relaxing yet intellectually stimulating environment.


Stetson University is a private university with a small student to teacher ratio, which makes it unique compared to other schools that I had considered. The students are individuals rather than just a body in the class. The professors make an effort to learn each student's name and the students are actually able to communicate with the professors. When I went to visit other schools, I was never guaranteed that I would have a chance to talk to the professor.


It's a small private school that offers small but intense classes that offer a plethora of knowledge. We have a lot of history but are always workng onbu not only staying current but staying on top of things in various fields. We have a great music program which adds diversity to the campus as well as having a strong science program. We also have a great business program and creative community.


Stetson provided me with teachers who will do their best to not help you when you were stuggling in a certain subject but also helped give me the strength to push through when my work load got to big. The staff at Stetson is commited to helping their student where ever they can, whether it be from stress to having trouble in the class room.


Stetson offers an abundance of knowledge to be shared. There is so much to learn, and that is why students are encouraged and pressed to do their very best work. This school pushes students hard, and it really pays off. Stetson students are known for being astute because of thier dilligence and work ethics.


I picked Stetson because it's so small that I really feel a sense of community. I love the class size and there are so many options and things to do!


Stetson's study abroad program is AWESOME. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad at Oxford University, which was hands down the most stressful and incredible experience of my life thus far. They offer programs in numerous countries with lots of opportunities to practice your language skills or work on adapting to new cultures. The best part is, your financial aid and scholarships (minus work-study) apply to your study abroad costs! If you don't find a program you like, you can partner with another school's program. Though your aid won't transfer to that program, they'll help you find ways to pay for it. Undoubtedly, Stetson could use some improvements. The dorms, for example, are not outstanding (except for Hall A and the apartments. Oh, and Conrad), and the food is ... well, cafeteria food. But. The tight-knit community, the fantastic professors, the administration who actually works FOR and WITH the students, and the limitless opportunities for growth and personal and intellectual development more than make up for it.


Stetson is a smaller university, so it has smaller class sizes and it is easy to get assistance from professors. It is a relaxed atmosphere where many people find their perfect niche in nearly any career that they choose to pursue.


In general Stetson is an excellent school if you are looking for a liberal arts education in a personal setting.


It reminded me of the private school that I attended from K-12. The class sizes are alot smaller than that of a community or state college/university. My high school chemistry teacher went to Stetson and recommended it to me because of their great chemistry department.


your a person not a number


I like the small classes and access to the professors.


It just had an intimate, at home feel to it.


Stetson University is unique when you compare it to other school becasue of its charm and dedication to academics. My largest class size over the past three years has been 30 students! The small class sizes allow professors to engage students and take stock in their academic success.


The community. This school emphasizes "family" within the school and seeks to encourage its faculty as well as students to support each other. The faculty are very close and keep each other accountable for what they are doing, while the students feel a undeniable care from the faculty because of this. The students are encouraged with this sense of community and they are also very close to each other. This sense of community is like none other and definately helps the student striving to complete their education.


I enjoy that the beach is close to campus. We also have a large music school so our school offers performances occationaly witch are fun to go to.


Stetson University is a perfect size. Classes hold no more than 15-20 students and are very much based on interactive learning and discussion. Academics are rigorous which is what makes it such a good school. Faculty is experts in their field, specifically professors in the Political Science department. Deland is small, so the town revolves around Stetson. The downtown area is only a 2 minute walk from campus, making stores and restaurants easily accessible.


The environment really allows you to get to know most of the student body, as well as professors.


As I said, the classes are small. It's also centered in a really small and welcoming town. If you have a car available, there is so much to do year round. And if you don't, there is still plenty to walk or ride your bike to. The campus is also very beautiful. Scenes from the movie "Water Boy" were filmed at my school.


small class sizes, everyone really cares


i was able to study a wide range of topics ranging from music to business to art.


I didn't apply to any other school. I briefly entertained University of Florida, but the classes were too huge and it was too large for me. So, Stetson was much more personal, closer, but extremely expensive.


It's very small, quaint, and isn't as interesting as it looks when you first see it.


Lots of very small classes and accessible professors. Lots of pretty girls.


The size of the school is unique, with the small size we have it gives student a chance to get really close with professors and helps us to be more comfortable in the classroom.