Stetson University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In my experience at Stetson University I had a wonderful opportunity to have the most amazing tight knit group of professors that collaborated with one another to create an effective learning environment. These professors were open and welling to speak with me on an individual basis and work to develop an influential relationship that help me develop and further my career as an educator. I believe that the education I receive from Stetson University not only was a benefit to me but to the students that I currently serve.


Usually the first words out of my mouth are about how beautiful the campus is and how small the class sizes are. It isn't easy to be ignored here which makes it easier to keep your grades up and make friends- basically you can't just get lost in the crowd. I also say the academics are actually a challenge- a change from high school which put me to sleep. That and Stetson is decently close to the beach.


Stetson University offers the chance to be a prominent voice within a community. If students have a club, project, study abroad program, or any general idea, they are able to present it to administrators and, if their reasoning is acceptable, ultimately they are able to follow through on the idea. This gives students the chance to stand up for their future, bringing what they need to their school rather than search somewhere else for the opportunities. Stetson is accommodating to each student, knowing every body is important and not just a number.


When I tell my friends back home about Stetson, I brag not only about the beautiful warm weather, but also the incredible campus. Everywhere you look Stetson has character and charm. Along with beauty, Stetson has small classes so I get to know my professors one on one and really become friends with them. They want you to succeed and do all that they can to help you. It is only thirty minutes from the beach and fourty from Orlando so there is a ton to do outside of Deland. The small campus allows for friendships to form each day.


Stetson's amazing professors, classroom sizes and programs! I have lots of friends that are completely satisfied with the quality of their education, and I am constantly telling people of the numerous programs Stetson has for all fields of study. Honor students can even create their own major! The professors I've had have been fantastic as well, the social science professors are terrific! They are involved and understanding. When I was going through a recent difficult diagnosis, my professors were patient and caring and completely understanding of my needing more time. The people in Residential Life are also amazing!


Stetson is a world famous school and was the first private university in Florida.


Stetson is great because of its small class sizes. It is a huge advantage to students being able to get the most from professors during the class period. I transferred form a very large school, which had over 30,000 students to Stetson, a school with a little over 5,000. One reason being it was difficult to present questions in a large class; thus hindering students learning opportunities. At Stetson I get the most out of my classes because I can ask questions and the professors create a great learning environment where there are discussions and interaction among students.


When I brag about Stetson University the first thing that comes to mind is community. I often tell new students who are thinking of coming here that this school has a great community of students as well as faculty. Everyone tries to help you succeed. The classrooms are extremely small in size, which in turn gives the professors a chance to get to know you on a personal level and give you the attention you need to be successful in your field of choice.


I brag the most about our men's soccer team for being conference champs 2 years in a row as well as all of the awesome extracurricular activities, concerts, and events that Stetson offers. One time we had a We the Kings concert!


The atmoshpere created by the University is the best I have ever been around. I tell my friends that it is a place to connect socially and intellectually with others on equal ground. Living on campus has to have been the best year of my life and I, many times, have expressed a desire to return before the summer ends for that reason.


I brag about the professors all the time. I love the history professors especially, but I have yet to meet a professor at Stetson that I haven't liked. They care about their students and if you are willing to work and learn, they are thrilled to help you along the path of your education.


i havent acutally started yet, not tilll fall of 2011, however the reason i am going there is due to the centeredness around the arts, and on top of that it is located in a beautiful town and the campus is amazing.


Honestly, all I have to say is that I go to Stetson University and people marvel over just that alone. But if I were to brag about Stetson I would say that it is a family school. As in everyone for the most part knows, has seen, or has a class or activity with another person on campus. So you can get very familiar with your surrounding environment and therefore become comfortable. Its a wonderful school to meet people and make friends for life.


I brag about the size of my room (seriously, it's huge) and the number of things I can do here. I also like telling people how quickly I met my friends and how easy it was.


My school is a small family enviorment, everyone knows and watches out for each other. We have small classes and the professers are always there to help. You are a person and individual not a number or a last name. And guess what? The foods good also.


I brag about the advantages of going to smaller school to most of my friends. My classes usually have less than 30 students which is extremely good compared to bigger schools. I'm able to ask my professor questions, connect with my classmates, and even join in group discussions. I love that I can e-mail my professor and get a reply within a few hours.


That Stetson University contains one of the most academically challenging Business Schools. Also that the student-professor ratio is about 25-1. Also how you are able to create a personal relationship with your proffesor, which in return could help with future job oppotunities.


When I talk about my school I brag about how I have alot of control over my major and set of courses I take and how this allows me to gain alot of skills for the video game or film industry while in a fun environment where I can explore my interests.


Being a music student, I tend to brag about the quality of our music school. Our ensembles are on the level of professional musicians.


I brag about how close all of the students are on campus, it's a mini community


The level of excellenece in the teachers. The teachers are very well-educated themselves, and very experienced in their field. It is an honor and privledge to be taught by them.


I can walk to all of my classes in less that 5 minutes. All of my classes are taught by accredited professors, not TAs. All of my classes are an average size of 20 students or less. My professors are friendly and incredibly helpful with anything I need.


Stetson is Florida's first private university, with very rigorous curriculum and a variety of academics to choose from. The campus is conveniently small with beautiful architecture and landscaping. The teachers are very skilled in their area of expertise, and are willing to help and push students to achieve their best. Almost all of the students are so unique, very smart, have fun personalities, and are passionate for success.


The classes are small and all the teachers are very friendly but very tough. I learn a lot but there is just enough time to meet all the great people. I have not met a person I do not like at this school.


It is the perfect fit. It is small enough to where I know almost everyone, but big enough so that I see a new face everyday. The professors are so engaging and helpful, and I am so thankful for the opportunities with which Stetson has provided me.


The small class sizes!


The campus is quite beautiful. The city is, at the most, two hours away from major cities. Also, the education here is phenomenal. You get teachers who are experts in their field or have world-class experience.




close knit environment


I tell them how awesome it is that I came to a school with no friends and no connections, and met some of the best friends of my life in three weeks and still have them. I also rave about how beautiful the campus is and how I love the shade.


I don't think I've ever really bragged about my school before. Except that maybe it was difficult, which I don't think that counts.


The demanding music program and our excellent ensembles, the music theory and ear training teachers, and the small size of the school and small class sizes.


It is a prestigous school with dedicated faculty and I learned so much.