Stetson University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is communication. Sometimes it becomes very diffcult to get ahold of different departments. Especially when it comes to registering for classes or trying to get accomodations in place. Also when you are trying to get ahold of a higher offical in the school it can become diffcult becuase so many students want to talk to this offical. However, at some point everyone will eventually get what you need done.


The worst thing about my school is the price of tuition. Although the instution is private to me the tuition is overbearing and has caused many students, myslef included, to need loans and a plethora of scholarships to attend and if the school was more affordable, just by 10-20 thousand dollars, it'd be a lot better.


I would comsider parking to be the worst thing about Steson. For commuters it is hard to find parking spots close to campus, when we cant find a close spot, we have to park in more crowded areas where accidents could occur.


Depndency of greek life for social life


The price.


The worst thing about this school has nothing to do with the education but with the housing. Although there are new updated housing buildings since the school is old most buildings have historic infrastructure which is great but the rooms are abnormally small as compared to other colleges dorms.


One of the worst things about attending Stetson is the surroundings. Deland is a small city and some of the residents that live around the school don't accept that I am African American and yell obscene words toward me if saying I'm walking downtown of Deland.


At Stetson University the worst thing about the school is there is nearly one type of student and there isn't much for activities outside of campus. The type of students that are on the campus are mostly rich and some what stuck up. The way they talk about the things they have is shocking sometimes. There also isn't much to do off-campus, there is no clubs, no movie theaters, not really much at all; unless you like bowling.


When it comes to the ‘downside’ of my school, I would have to say that the food could be better. Yes, you could roll your eyes and say “I am just another picky eater” but I honestly wish we had heather choices. My school gives out great messages and hold interesting lectures about being healthy. However, when the calorie count is through the roof and all the tasty foods are deep friend and cooked in grease, you only have so many choices.


The worst thing about my college? I believe that Stetson University doesn't give out enough money in scholarships for struggling students.


At Stetson I find the Cafeteria to be aweful. Being a student-athlete I have to be on a diet to stay healthy and I find myself eating the same things everyday. I wish there was a better variety of food and better quality at our school.


Tuition is sky high!


it is very costly.


The worst thing about my school is the food. They is no variety what so ever.


The worst thing about Stetson is the price, although it is reasonable for being a private institution, but it is pretty heavy on students with financial need like myself.


Its really very expensive if someone does not have a lot of financial support.


It is located in a small town. There is not that much night life that goes on, as well as not a lot of off campus activities to do on the weekends. There is also a small Jewish population.


The worse thing about my school is that is in in a small town. There aren't really any jobs available for college students unless you previously worked for some chain of stores with a location here.


The tuition cost for housing and dining is way over priced. For a suite, the average cost is $5,400 a year, for a shared room and a shared bathroom. Some of the buildings are decades old and in poor quality. Housing off and around campus proves to be better and more affordable. High quality housing is very limited and more expensive. The cost of a meal plan varies from $1,300 - $3,300, and unused meals go down the drain without recompensation. Healthy choices are extremely limited, but still available.


The school is very old, therefore the dorms are very old and a little run-down. The classrooms need to be updated quite a bit.


it is small; the food variety is limited and unhealthy


The study abroad office was not organized and made it a tedious process.


The diversity because one group of people overpopulate the school, then that particular population gains more privilege.


That it is very expensive.


Disconent between the teachers and the administration.


The cost.


The people can be very jaded and ridiculous. There is a lack of diversity hear at Stetson not only among the students but also among the faculty. The financial aid office can be helpful, but tend to give financial aid to people that dont needed rather than the individuals that really need it.


I think the food is, they just cant get a good enough quality from dining services.


It was not oriented to commuter students at all. No one cared. I worked, help care for my family, and was a full-time student. No slack or understanding was given. No one was sympathetic to my needs or my situation and it made it hard to connect and speak with some professors. Also, I believe some graded unfairly, based on favoritism.


The worst thing about my school is the fact that tuition is way too high and that the lack of minority students. The tuition is $40,000 a year I cannot afford that neither can anyone else I know. Money will always be a major issue. The lack of minority students says alot about the school. It says that we don't want you here so don't come. The lack of diversity is just sad.


I always feel like I'm not getting my moneys worth from the school. Everything for them is a money making event.


The ineffectiveness of public safety. The public safety system has employees that are unqualified and inappropriate. Their employees are too busy writing up parking tickets than actually helping students. The officers do not report to the scene in a timely manner and they do not genuinely care about the safety, happiness and well being of the students on campus. I believe our public safety system does more harm than good.


Stetson offers almost nothing in extra-curricular entertainment. Staff most often give students, teachers, parents, and alumni the run around. The Campus Life department does not make students feel comfotable on campus and often treat students as problems rather than people.

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