Stetson University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


In general, I love going to Stetson. You get to know all different types of people and because of the small campus you will not feel out of place or anything because everyone is willing to make friends. Another good thing about the size is that you get to know your professors and they help you out whenever you ask, and even when you don't. If there was one thing I could change it would be the price but with all of the beniefits, I can see why it is so much. Even though at first glance the tuition seems like a lot of money, over 90% of students recieve scholarships. Stetson is a great place to be and even though it is in a small town there are a lot of things to do in Deland, and a lot of good, inexpensive restaurants, as well.


The best thing about the school is how personal the relationships are with professors. I wish the school was a little bigger though because it can be hard to find something to do and the environment can be a little too much like high school for my tastes. Most of the time people don't know where Stetson is or are shocked by the size. I spend most of my time in my sorority house. Deland is DEFINITELY a college town and is in the middle of nowhere. My opinion used to be higher but after a recent incident in which the administration did nothing to act in favor of the students my opinion became more negative. The biggest recent controversey was probably when the greek adviser sent an inappropriate tweet that some female students were offended by and he had to apologize. Most students complain about the meal plan and how the university administration has not interest in the students.


The best thing about Stetson to me is the sense of community. Since we are a considerably small campus, mostly all students are active in organizations, clubs, greek life or what have have you. Everyone on campus feels a sense of belonging that, I believe, you wouldn't get a a large school. Overall, I love this Stetson!


The best thing about this school is the atmosphere. It is very welcoming and friendly, and you get to know everyone. It is a very small school, but I like the size. The town surronding the school is very small and can sometimes be hard to find things to do, but there is always something on campus to keep you occupied. The administration is great. There is a lot of school pride, and I think that there will be much more once we get our football team. The most frequent student complaints are not enough parking spaces and that sometimes the food isn't the best. I will always remember my experience rushing my sorority and all of the friends that you make at the beginning of school!


I do enjoy attending Stetson University.The best thing about this school, hands down is the faculty! If I could change one thing about Stetson it would be the amount of administrators the school has. There are way too many in my opinion, and their salaries take away from the salaries of faculty. This will in my opinion hinder Stetsons' ability to hire and retain quality professors. The size of the school is ideal for me. I love the ability to get to know the professor and other students in my classes. I spend most of my time in Sage Hall (the science building), but the rest of the campus is beautiful and there are many areas to sit and relax or study.


I like the size of the school. It is a small school so for Music students like myself, I get a more conservatory experience.


I love Stetson! I wish that financial aid was more reliable. For example, the cost of tuition will increase, but your aid will remain the same. Be prepared to need to cough up extra money each year. Overall, the faculty are fantastic! I love my professors, class size, and courses. Don't expect a lot from DeLand though. The town is very small and there isn't a lot to do. Granted there are some nice shops around town, but it's pretty lame.


The best thing about the school is your ability to connect with students, faculty, and staff easily because of its small size. The small size also allows you to make a difference in the community. The price of Stetson is its biggest failure. Stetson is priced as an Ivy League school, yet is certainly not up to par with Ivy league school standards. Most obvious, Stetson University is NOT an Ivy League school. Stetson is a great FL private school, however, it is not worth the price.


I love Stetson. It fits the criteria that I desire as a transfer student who wants to remain focused and not have the many temptations that college students face on a daily basis at huge universities. Being that this is a small, private institution, I am able to have access to my professors on a more intimate level. The town of Deland is very small but there are activities you can get involved in (sky diving). It is between Daytona and Orlando where you can shop, hit the beach, surf, and party until your heart's content!


The best thing about Stetson is the community. Everyone on campus is always so nice and ready to help. I love how class sizes are small and the professors are easy to work with and contact.


* The best thing about stetson is its Greek life. * I would change how they do grading around here. They like to grade and test you on memorization of terms that could be easily be looked up latter in life (since your going to forget them after the test anyways) I would love for there to be a standardized grading system at stetson, instead of teachers just giving you a grade on what they feel like giving you. In summery, change memorization to practicality. * I feel the school is just right. I don't personally like being a number at a school, so I came here where teachers know your name. * They know its a good school if there past the mason dixon line. If your talking to "Yankees" like my self, then they prob will ask you where that school is at. * I spend most of my time studying in the computer labs or at my fraternity house (Simga NU) * Yes DeLand is the definition of a college town. * It seems to be broken in a sense, teachers usually bring up that there administration is "under construction" * Someone died from smoking synthetic weed. * Yes there is tons of school pride, since the Greek body is strong here. * Nope not really * Rushing Sigma Nu * Parking, P-Safety, mondo grass and grading structure.


Starting answering!love it wouldn't go to any other schools.


Stetson is a great school with rigorous academics, great teachers, and the people are pretty great as well. The classes are small so you will get to know your professors really well, and they are all very willing to help with just about anything. If you like a small school where you can easily get to know a lot of people the size is perfect, but Stetson isn't so small that you will just know every person who walks by. Most people spend a lot of their time on campus, and DeLand is definitely a college town. Downtown is a short walk away, and has quite a few bars that students frequently go to. There's also the frats, and with Daytona and Orlando so close a lot of students will go clubbing or to bars there too. The beach is only about 20 minutes away and when it's warm a lot of students head to New Smyrna Beach. Tampa and Jacksonville are only about 2 hours away, and Miami is about 4 so I know quite a few people who will take off and go to music festivals or Gasparilla and the Knight Parade in Tampa. Being a small division 1 school there isn't really the expectation of really competing in big sports, but we're getting the football team back in a couple of years (2013) and for our size the soccer, basketball, and crew teams are really good.


Stetson is a very small, liberal arts school in Florida. It's small size is both a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing. The curse appears in the fact that, due to the small student population and small faculty, classes offered are often limited and the activities offered during the weekends are also limited. However, the small class sizes mean that your professors have a greater opportunity to give you a personalized education that allows you to not only excel with their assistance, but also allows you to further explore your own interests regarding the subject matter both in and out of class. The most common reaction when I say I go to Stetson is: "Wait, where is that?", probably because most people I tell are in Connecticut, and Stetson is not very well known outside of the Southeast. This is probably Stetson's biggest negative factor, but they make up for it by providing you with so many opportunities to cultivate your leadership skills and stand out amongst your classmates and fellow applicants, and you are also able to develop relationships with renowned professors in your area of interest who will then write you awesome letters of recommendation. It's pretty great.


Stetson University is many colleges but one school. The University is made up 4 colleges and schools: The College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Music, and College of Law. One of the best parts about Stetson University is that it is a small school. The student-faculty ratio is 11:1 and the average class size is about 20 so students get a very personal and intimate education highlighted by faculty-engagement. I've developed really good relationships with all of my teachers which helps the learning process immensely. We have a new president, Dr. Wendy B. Libby, who is our ninth president and the first woman to hold the presidency.