Stetson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Costs too much. Very heavy workload.


The financial aid office was very frustrating. They have a few excellent people there, but lately my family has fallen into deeper financial difficulties and I don't get the feeling that the staff in that office care. I kind of got the feeling of 'sucks to be you' from the people I spoke with, but I know that not all of them are like that. Some do care, I just wished they got the front offices instead. I know lots of people have had problems with them as well, so just keep track of things yourself. Don't surrender!


I think the most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity. I truly believe that there should be a better mixture of students who attend the school as well as the amount who participate in the University's activities. I feel as if most of the activities are geared toward the majority population of the students who happen to be the white students rather than students of some other ethnic backgrounds that attend the University.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the amount of money you have to pay to go there. I wouldn't want to go to another school because the campus life is great, but it is hard to find enough money to pay for everything.


The most frustrating thing about Stetson University is the lack school participation and school spirit. For Stetson being such a small university with about 2500 kids it lacks togetherness and unification. Stetson has a large amount of school based activities like soccer, volleyball games etc and also Friday night socials like dances, game night etc that aren’t well supported by the students. The sport participants would sometimes like to see a crowd screaming they names and giving them the belief that they got love and support behind of them. Stetson serious needs to increase school participation.


Stetson University increases tuition every year, and I believe that the most frustrating thing is seeing all the students who do not depend on financial aid. They rarely, truly appreciate their education at Stetson. I have to struggle to find an additional 3000 dollars each year, while other students can't even fathom what it is like to have to worry about how to pay.


The most frustrating aspect of Stetson University is the high tuition cost due to it being a private institution. I don't feel that there should be a price put on the quality of education. A student should be able to afford to attend their choice of University, soley based on their academic interest and their credentials as well as their contribution to their schools community. The student in the institution becomes a product of quality education for a much higher price rather than for their qualifications which they provide to the school.


The tuition cost is whats so frustrating




The most frustrating thing about my University is the dining options or lack there of.


I go to a private university which means it costs twice the amount of a regular public school. I love Stetson University but I wish they would make it more affordable to go there. I need scholarships to make it affordable for me to stay at a wonderful institutaion that allows me to get the education I want.


The most frustrating thing is that it is so expensive to come to Stetson. Right now I am so worried about being able to afford this school that my schoolwork is taking a back seat. I shouldnt have to worry about not being able to come back to a school I've been at for 3 years because my parents dont have enough money right now.


Teacher evaluations have no effect on teachers who have tenure.


One of the most absurd policies at this school is extremely high cost of tuition and living on campus (which is required except for commuter students or those over the age of 22). I could find an apartment or small house in the area for half of the price of living in a University owned dorm room (which is a 13 x 13 room shared with a roommate). After having asked about living off campus, I was informed that they would need proof that my parents were filing for bancrupcy in order to be eligable to live off campus.


Stetson is a private school, so they expect a lot from their students and push us to exceed our limits. i wouldn't so much call it frustrating, but i would call it a challenge. If you like to be sucessful academically, and you are up for any challange then definitly come to Stetson. Stetson encourages students to be the best theat they caan be and pushes tehn to the brinks of their limits acedemically.


The most frustrating thing about my school , is two things actually.I am very frustrated with the disorganization of the financial aid office , and how i receive notifications of payments after due dates have been passes.I am also very frustrated with the fact that teachers save all the due dates for the last week of school.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the housing situation. I wish we had more apartments available for students, especially underclassmen. My friends that go to larger universities start living in apartments their sophomore year and I won't be able to live in one until I am a senior, so that is frustrating sometimes.


You run into alot of closeminded people. The food is not great especially if you come from a family with great meals. School spirit is not great but they are working on it.


The gap between innovation in each academic department.


The financial aid office; not being allowed to move off campus if a student desires before their senior year.


The most frustrating aspect about Stetson is its cost. Academics at Stetson is of a high standard, but no where near what tuition costs. Financial Aid is also very strict, and not one to put forward a strong effort to keep its students, even if they are respectable students and are key to the university's academic and extracurricular environment.


The workload can be very demanding at times.


it does not have a football team


Backwards alcohol policies and visiting hours, incompetent and power-tripping public safety service, administration at almost all levels is very difficult to work with unless you have an "in".


The experience that is provided by the faculty and staff of the University for how much you actually pay a year.


The food, it really sucks and they charge WAY too much for it. You will gain weight if you eat it so make sure you have a car to eat out.


No on respects or teaches anything conservative.


Trying to figure out funding


The most frustrating thing about this school is how liberal the arts and sciences department is. For conservative students it makes things very difficult and does not harbor a condusive learning environment.


The most frustrating thing about our school is the on-campus housing department.


Stetson offers almost nothing in extra-curricular entertainment. Staff most often give students, teachers, parents, and alumni the run around. The Campus Life department does not make students feel comfotable on campus and often treat students as problems rather than people.