Stetson University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known about the extremely limited meal plan.


No matter what college you go to the only word that matters is money. Money makes the world go round. When applying to college I found that I had no idea where I would find the money. I don't live with either parent, there were no savings. My only option was student loans. I wish I had found a summer job and saved every penny. College is an investment, and an important one at that. Make the right choices and you will be successful. I guarantee it. Money is tight, but I make do. So will you.


That tuition was going to continue to raise through the time I graduate and through the roof!


I wish I would have know about the limited dinning options at Stetson. There are very few options to choose from when it comes to meals and meal plans. It would be nice to have some choices when it comes to lunch and dinner. The cafeteria food is not the greatest choice and as an Student-athlete, dinning is a important factor for training and competition. Many students would agree that the food is very repetitive and very limited as well.


If you are thinking about going "Greek," then you should ask around to see which one is the best fit for you.


Scholarship Opportunities.


I wish that I had known that I would run into a financial wall, and also I wish that I would have known that it will be hard to leave all of my friends that I have made at Stetson, due to having insuficient funds.


I wish I had been informed ahead of time of the work study job opportunities the school provided before I started attending classes. It would have given me time to plan ahead and figure out my class schedule and how I can help in coincide with my work schedule along with my study time.


I wish I would have known more inclusively what careers I was interested.


I wish I was more prepared with more scholarships than loans before I attended to Stetson, but it's never too late.


I wish i had known that the food situation wasn't that great. It is a hit or miss when it comes to the food that we are offered daily, and on the weekend the food really declines. There have been improvements this year with the addition of a new type of food place on campus.


Before I came to Stetson, I wish I would have known more about greek life and how much it means to the school. I also wish I would have known more about my student account and the money I'm spending to go to school here.


I wish I would have had a better idea of what I wanted to major in so that I would not have wasted so much time as an undecided student, which has now caused a problem for me in determining if I will graduate on time or not.


don't slack off the first year, those are the easiest classes you'll have and its very hard to bring your gpa up once its dropped.


I wish I would have known more about how financial aid worked. With the current economic crisis, it is very important to understand how you are going to pay for college, especially when you are going to a school as expensive as Stetson.


That there are too few practice rooms in the music school.


I wish I knew how difficult residential life was to deal with and how often people went crazy. There are new faces in residential life this year, so it's gotten a LOT better and we haven't had any suicide attempts yet, which is awesome. The school is really trying to fix its flaws. I would have also liked to know that you need to beg for financial aid, but that they will most likely work it out for you. Also, the dorms are super moldy (especially Stetson Hall), so bring lots of Damp Rid.


I wish I had known which dorms were the best to pick for housing.


i wish i had known that my parents had planned to stop paying for my education after my freshman year.


That you can study abroad twice.


I wish I had known that the way money is distirbuted to certain projects would be unbalanced. I wish I had also known that despite the school being originally part of the Baptist association, everyone is quite liberal.




How much money it would cost me to stay here not including the money they gave me. I wish I knew how may minorities attended this school. I wish I knew that the food didn't taste good. I wish I knew that it would almost be impossible for me to transfer for at least 2 years.


I wish I had known just how wonderful the people here are. I would never have thought twice about coming here, seriously.


I did not realize this was a private school and it is very expensive


That it would be much better to live on campus that at my parent's house. It was so much more fun once I moved on campus.


Not a good selection of food, huge amount of reading, how homesick I'd be, how unhelpful the staff is, what a huge nightmare public safety is, that the dorm i moved into was full of smokers, pot heads and drinkers, how there is such a lack of parking, how much it would suck not having a football team, how unresponsive the fire department is


I wish I had known that the dorms and food weren't as great as was advertised and that being a music student took up more time than I thought it would.