Stetson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Stetson’s Educational Leadership program had so many wonderful aspects to offer it students. Its curriculum was rigorous and the professors were knowledgeable and influential, but the quality that most impressed me was the way the program was setup in small cohorts. In my cohort, there were only 12 students that work together throughout the program. This small cohort allow for collaboration and team building that create a group think process that greatly increased my learning capacity and my success. The small group environment also enable me to build relationships that after 7 years I can still rely on today.


The size allows for a very nice community feel between peers and professors alike. Theres a small number people too feel at home and comfortable around, yet just enough to be able to see someone new every day.


The biggest draw for me to Stetson University was the small population. I had been fortunate enough to be accepted to several other universities, but they were all rather large. As a somewhat shy kid, I was extremely impressed with Stetson’s small class size. Most of the classes average between 20 and 50 students, in comparison to 50 to 300 students in the larger schools. This small class size affords you the opportunity to connect with peers and most importantly your professors. Knowing your professors allows you to acquire additional assistance when needed.


The best thing I like about my university is how everyone is pushed to become involved in the community and learn a lot outside of school. With a requirement to obtain a certain amount of cultural credits before graduation, I found myself attending campus events weekly learning about life outside my own. With these cultural events, I've gained understanding to what many people face because of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and many other traits that set them apart from various populations. I've learned to be inclusive and accept others for who they are. Stetson is culturally diverse.


What I consider the best thing about Stetson University is the faculty and staff members engagement with students--in wanting their students to succeed in both their career and lifestyle by providing any help they can offer such as academic success center, counseling center, tutoring and office hours.


The best thing about Stetson University is the size. It is a small liberal arts university and the size affects everything about it. Classes are small (usually between 15-25 students, with only the popular prerequisite courses reaching about 40) so you have the ability to ask questions and really get involved in the lectures, as well as recieve personalized attention from faculty. Although it is small, there's a wide variety of activities, and a lot of diversity among the students. Also, less students means more free stuff, like printing, laundry, and beverages.


The best thing about my school is the class size. I dislike large classes and lecture halls, and Stetson has a very low student to teacher ratio which allows the professors to spend much more one on one time with students at Stetson than at a larger university.


The number of students in a classroom is small, which i believed is great, because it allows the professor to focus on the students and get that one on one interaction.


The best thing about Stetson University is its unique ability to move as one mass unit toward success. Everyone on campus does their share to make sure that no one is left behind, and I mean that in the educational sense as well as the social sense. The professors on campus are eager to help students that are struggling, and will quickly find them help outside the classroom if necessary. In addition, the professors social and always enjoy chatting with the students. The students in turn are also very social and no matter what your situation you are never alone.


The best thing about Stetson is the welcoming environment. I fell in love with Stetson when I walked around the beautiful campus. The people are very friendly as well.


The educatoin because all of the professors have doctorates and they know exactly what they are talking about and are also very helpful.


Stetson University has its advantages and offers great opportunities to its students. One unique factor that pertains directly to Stetson, which happens to be my favorite, is the class sizes. Unlike other colleges, this university provides each and every student with the ability to work one on one with their professors. This allows for more personalized attention s between student and teacher rather than just teaching to a group.


The best thing about my school is that it is small and it pays attention to each student indiviually. No student is forgotten or pushed under the rug.


Stetson University has been known as a prestigious school for a long time, and it deserses that title. The teachers really are amazing, and it's almost insane how much they know about thier subjects. They honestly do care about their students and even put in their unpaid time to help them out. It's such a friendly place to learn so much. I love it here.


The best about Stetson is the small class sizes and the oppurtunity to work closely with you professors as an undergraduate. At Stetson you are not just a number on a roll call sheet; your professor knows you by name and they are always willing to help any students who may be struggling with the course load.


The best thing about Stetson is the ability to connect with everyone on campus. The school is very small and it's really easy to make friends. It gives a welcoming and homey vibe. It's not rare to have a chat with the President in the quad or have a coffee with your professor at the coffee shop. Stetson tries really hard to make you feel at home and part of the Hatter family.


My school is very diverse and interegrated. Everyone is included in everything. It really feels like the entire campus becomes one big family, and I always feel welcome. I absolutely love it.


I love the small feeling of the school, while it's large enough it's still small enough so that you're able to see your friends everyday. One of my favorite aspects is the fact that the same people in my residential hall will most likely have a class with me or a professor of mine. I love this atmosphere because you don't get lost among a crowd of people. One of my friends from UCF told me she had a class with 400 people, my largest class has maybe 30 people.


The best thing about Stetson is the people. There are so many incredible people here; from the professors and deans, to the faculty in each dept. Everyone at Stetson aims to make you feel at home.


The best thing about my school is the educational structure and standards. Stetson University has the best instructors who work very hard to make sure that you get a very stong long lasting and refined education. All of my educators are interested in my best interest for my education. They coach me very well in the courses that I take . It makes me happy that I am receiving an education from a University that cares about my success in college.


The best thing about Stetson is the people. Everyone there is extremely nice and very helpful. Because the classes are small, the teachers have more time and more want to help evey student who asks. It feels as if everyone knows everyone; and everyone likes everyone. Students are always willing to help out their fellow students, and the faculty are excited to help out.


The beauty of the campus, really awesome intelligent professors, and small class sizes (usually 12-15 students).


I think the best thing about Stetson University is that because it is a small private college, professors can give thier student more attention. The classroom atmosphere is very open and comfortable and students don't ever worry about being embarassed to ask the teacher a question. Now thats a good way to learn!


I love how I have alot of control over my major and set of courses I take. I do not know any school where you can mix and match Digital arts , art, computer science, and music to get the main focus and track you want. Right now I'm doing digital arts with a track in art. I am hoping to become a Game Designer or involved with the film industry since I am heavily into 3D modeling and animation (I am gaining interest in the music components too). I hope to live in Phoenix, Dallas, SanDiego, or LA.


Close relationships students have with the faculty and staff.


I enjoy some of the perfessors and the off campus activities. Such as last semester I worked on the obama campain. This semester I hope to work with the boys and girls club. I find that the school does a great deal to improve the area surrounding campus.


The small class sizes because you get more stuudent professor interaction.


The size was really good becuase you know people and get to know your professors. Being able to learn in a close community really helped me excel in college.


the friendship.


The people: professors who actually care about the students, and students are great friends!


I'm given all the flexibility in the world to receive a well-rounded education which emphasizes community-based studies, so that I can use my academic knowledge to engage the community.


The best thing is definitely the people. We are always so willing to help one another. For example, when I was on crutches people that I did not know offered a helping hand on many occasions. I was even told by girls in my dormatory, that I did not know, to come to them if I needed anything.


My school is very small, so the classroom setting is very personal. It's a very personal learning environment, and it makes learning easier.


Stetson University just feels right in terms of size. Though it has smaller enrollment numbers than most Floridian colleges, most of the students recieve a lot more attention from professors than most students from other univerisities with large enrollments. I prefer one-on-one discussions with the professors because I know I learn best from this method. I can learn a lot more in a class of about ten to no more than thirty students than a class of about one-thousand students. I probably would not attend Stetson if it had a high student enrollment ratio.


The best thing is the small class sizes and the teacher student interaction.


Stetson is a wonderful small school and it's friendliness makes it pleasant. Someone will randomly walk up to you during the day, begin talking to you, and you won't think to respond negatively. Any school can be rigorous academically, but it's the people that make a place fun. If you want to enjoy your college years and make friends each year, and not be stuck in a rut with the same friends, then a place like Stetson may be for you.