Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My roommate Court is crazy fun. We love to go to games anc cheer on our friends, and I cheer from her at her lacrosse games. And Guuueeesssss what??? in less then 50 days, our friendship will be reunited when I go back to school :) let the roommateship begin! and the odds? totally not in our favor, especially for the sleeping thing hahaha. We also pledged the same sorority and are now sisters for life. We study together too which helps because she is crazy good at math.


Stevens is quite a mixture of students. The school is 75% male, 25% female. Nevertheless, it is diverse and this is evident from the dozens of cultural-ethnic societies and clubs that students are able to join. The ethnic-club scene becomes very exciting before Christmas and Spring Break because there are numerous events featuring dances, musicals, and performances that feature great food, music, and an opportunity to engage with and learn from people of a different culture. I am a huge lover of Vietnamese cuisine, particularly "Pho," so those periods during the year are my favorite. There is a niche for every student at Stevens: computer geeks, anime lovers, sports jocks, frat-sorority-party throwers, religious individuals, LGBT, students extremely serious about grades, punk-skateboarders, goths, movie-lovers, food fanatics, and the list goes on and on. Students come from all types of socio-economic backgrounds. Personally, I have tried to finance my entire Stevens education by myself; I have friend who people would call "trust-fund brats" yet they have not taken a single penny from their trust fund and also are financing their own education. A particular close friend of mine is a 4th generation Stevens student in his family; his legacy extends all the way to his great grandfather who attended Stevens for mechanical engineering. We often joke whether his kids will someday attend Stevens as well. The students, administration, and faculty are very tolerant of one another and encourage differences. In my time at Stevens, I have never heard or seen anyone upset over another due to differences in beliefs or bullying or hazing or anything of that sort of nature. There are clubs to fit every students' needs. I am particularly involved in the Stevens Law Society, Stevens Philosophy Club, Stevens Entrepreneurial Enterprise Development Program, Stevens Political Awareness Committee, Stevens Varsity Mens Tennis Team, Stevens Peer Tutoring Program, Phi Alpha Theta, and many others. I have friends from multiple affiliations from Sig Nu all the way to the Indian Cultural Society. In general, the atmosphere is very open and tolerant.


Greek life here is a lot of fun. There are always parties or places to go, and if there is nothing on campus Hoboken and NYC are but a walk away. No matter what type of person you are comming to the school, nerd, jock, kid who loves thirsty thursdays to sunday fun days. You'll find a good size group of people just like you.


Many of my classmates are upperclass white kids. They are mostly boys and play a lot of video games. It is easy to find new friends because Stevens is not cliquey at all.


Most are very driven and always ready to do anything to succeed. They are really competitive but do help each other out if it is to their convenience. There are more men to women a 5 to 1 ratio. There is also a very small percentage of minorities on campus. Most of my classmates come from upper middle class families and went to very competitive high school and are there on sport scholarships for wither lacrosse, soccer, or basketball.


Antisocial, introverted, and unlikely to be friendly.


Most are interested in the classes they are taking, but some are only there, because of requirement as Stevens likes to have their students to be well rounded in all areas. Even if you focus on Liberal Arts for example there is still computer programming classes to take, etc. Most students are happy with this some are not and will be pretty apathetic in classes.


They are helpful and easy to get along with.


Classes are a mix of nerds, jocks, and everyone in between, which isn't to say that the social life here is typical of every college. You pretty much find your own clique and stick with them because you'll find your interests falling into one of the 3 areas mentioned. It's a small school and so that essentially means that your friends in the fall semester are your friends in the spring and you typically won't meet anyone new unless they're in a different graduating class.


Most classmates are willing to help study or provide study materials - older students are crucial for passing classes.


My classmates are very diverse, extremely smart, and academicaly oriented.


varied, one can fine an underacheiceing slacker to an overacheveing goody two-shoes




Intelligent students willing to help each other.


Most of them are wealthy, went to private high schools, seem pretty spoiled, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get into medical school.